6 and 8 Week MAG10 Cycles

Has anyone had any experience with a 6 or 8 week cycle of MAG10? What where your results? I just completed a 2 week cycle, up 9 pounds from 155 and dropped .5% of bodyfat, to 10.5%. I’ve been eating clean, following Bill’s recommendations for diet 500g carb, 400g pro and 1000 extra calories. I am 5’8" and looking to put on a little more size before summer. Should I continue for 6 to 8 weeks or follow the 2 on 2 off? Bill?

Has Anyone had an experience with a 6 to 8 week cycle? Or is everyone sticking with the 2 on 2 off?

I just completed a six week cycle of mag 10.I started at 218 and got sick on week 2. I went all the way down to 212 and back up to 222, 224 at my heaviest. I haven’t gained any weight for about 3 weeks because I powerlift and I am doing a meet and need to stay in my weight class. So the calories haven’t really increased. I am still getting stronger though and had a big increase in strength throughout. I did not measure bodyfat. I believe that 6 weeks straight worked better for me than 2 on 2off. Pumps were awesome. I am pretty sure that 6 weeks on is the way to go. Just follow the recommendations of tribex and M for the post cycle and you should be okay.

I’m only on Day 5 of my 8 week Mag-10/Myostat program. I’m not doing 8 weeks straight of Mag-10 though, but 2 weeks on 1 week off, three times. Starting weight was 209 lbs. roughly 11% bodyfat. Goal ending weight is 234 lbs. same bodyfat but I wouldn’t be surprised if I reached 240 or near it. I typically have gained 15 lbs. on my two week cycles and lose 2-3 lbs. in the first week off, but that’s without using Tribex which I will be using this time, along with Vitex during off weeks. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Thanks for the replies Big Pull and Machine. I haven’t noticed any of the negative side effects, so I am going to continue for at least another 4 weeks (6 weeks total). If I am still making gains at week 6 I will continue for another 2 weeks, then take 8 to 16 weeks off using Tribex and M. I’ll give another update the end of week 3, next Monday.

i only did a 2 week cycle and gained 10 pounds of muscle. i didn’t really notice a strength increase until my last workout and then it was a huge jump. went from 230x6 to 250x6 on bench. i think if i were to do another cycle for mass i would do the 2 week cycle, but if i were to do another cycle for strength, i would definately make it longer. hope this helps.

I gained close to 40 pounds using 3 Mag-10 cycles, BUT I did the two weeks on / two weeks off split as recommended. Here’s why I don’t necessarily like 6 or 8 straight weeks of Mag-10.

1. Since muscles grow faster than tendons and connective tissue, you risk injury throwing around heavy weights before your body can handle it at all levels. The two-week off period gives your body a chance to "balance" itself, and it gives an opportunity to allow growth of connective tissue. If you use Tribex and M in the off weeks and get plenty of protein, you shouldn't lose a whole lot.

2. I would think that 6 or 8 straight weeks of high intensity workouts might lead to overtraining, regardless of Mag-10. As TC points out so eloquently in his article, you want to provide the optimal environment for your body to grow, not "beat it into submission".

3. "Off" weeks, although they are tough on the psyche, are GREAT for recovery. Every single time I returned to the gym after two weeks of recovery training I got stronger and bigger. This is significant, since many users of Mag-10 have reported diminished returns with continued use of Mag-10 for longer than two weeks.

4. Lastly, and most importantly, it is my opinion that you are more likely to KEEP the gains you make if you cycle Mag-10. Mass that is gained quickly can also be LOST quickly. The two week recovery period gives your body a chance to make each new weight a "homeostasis". In other words, if you go from 150 to 160 in two weeks, you now have two weeks for your body to adjust itself to the idea that 160 is now "normal". I'm not sure that would happen on a longer cycle, but it might.

I am finishing a four week cycle of Mag-10 and will continue with a four week cycle of Tribex and M. My question is can I add the 4-AD-EC to the Tribex and M cycle without shutting down my natural testorone production? I want to do another four week cycle of Mag-10 after the Tribex cycle as well but if I add the 4-AD-EC into the mix I am worried that it might negatively impact my next Mag-10 cycle. Any suggestions?

What was the mag-10 dosage you were taking for each cycle?