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6-8 Week Oral-Only Cycle?

Okay I’m having a hard time injecting myself, I hate needles. What oral is the best to
Run by itself for 6 weeks? Also which is easiest on bp anadrol, dbol, Winstol?

You’re going to get a lot of ‘need a test base with orals’ answers, and they’re right. If you don’t like needles, there is compounded cream option.

Also, shots are painless, fast, cheap, really you’ll get over it quickly once started

I think you should get over it to earn the right to cycle. You need a test base anyways and if you learn it now, it will help you.

Okay your right, I’m just kinda nervous for hitting a vien. I injected myself in thigh this morning and some blood came out. I thought I injected in a vein, I got super Lightheaded, ringing in my heat and pale and super sweaty for like 20 minutes. Is a one inch needle okay for the butt? Or does it have to be 1 1/2?

This is a panic response, likely from working yourself up over the injection.

Little blood is normal, you’re sticking a sharp object into your body, after all.

Lol It felt like I was going to die , I’ve never had problems with anxiety like that.