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6-8 Week Cycle

I’m fairly new to these forums, because I just stumbled across them. But I’ve been all around through post, articles, ect. of different AAS websites. More recently through this one.

Anyways, I’ve been debating steroids for the passed 1 1/2 years and I’ve finally think I’ve researched and acquired enough information that I feel comfortable doing a cycle. Due to the fact that I have to keep my gains sort of undercover (Job and family) I only plan on doing an intermediate cycle of 8 weeks. I know how much you vets put people like me on blast for posting shit like this, but I’ve done my research and I prefer experienced opinions over articles.

I’ve laid out my first planned cycle. If you all could please critique it, it would be much appreciated.

W1-8 Test Prop 100 mg EOD
W1-9 Adex. .25mg EOD
W2-8 HCG 250iu E3D
W9-12 Nolva

I considered running Mast Prop 50mg EOD, but with this being my first cycle, I think just test would be fine. Any Suggestions?

Edit: I’m 5’8 ft , 155 lb and almost 24 yo

This is a beautifully laid out and simple first cycle proposal. Refreshing compared to alot of the proposals we see from first time posters.

I would skip the Mast (although I do love it), and try an oral.

I’d also recommend a slightly higher test dosage. Aim for at least 500mg / week.

What are your goals for this cycle?


Thanks for the input. Do you think 50mg/w of DBol would been a good oral to start with? My goals are to, of course, gain lean mass with as little fat as possible, but my main focus is to see how my body reacts to my first cycle and see what dosages are prime for me.

I assure you, as great as AAS are, you aren’t going to wake up and see Dorian Yates in the mirror.

~150mg Test Prop EOD + 20mg Dianabol daily would be nice. You will be full and hard, not bloated, and gains will be excellent. Increase protein intake and you should make some nice lean gains.


Yeah, I wasn’t expecting to be like that after a cycle, but just that couple lbs of solid lean mass. And thanks for the input about the Dianabol