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6-8 Meals a Day and Breath


how do you deal with it?? :frowning:


Brushing often for one thing.

Another option is those little listerine "pocket mist" things.

They help.


I chew a lot of sugar free gum.


Yeah I always have a toothbrush on me. I'd need some fibrous gum otherwise...


Well, 8 meals a day is pushing it a bit. Regardless, I always carry one of those portable toothbrush-toothpaste around.


Pretend I'm a dragon and wait for people to venture near.


Drink lots of water, it cleans you mouth and helps get rid of bacteria. Brush and floss helps too.


I found that not eating results in worse breath than eating clean food. Ever smelt the breath of someone fasting? It literally smells like shit. Clean veggies, fruit and meat don't smell bad. The exception is when the meat stuck between your teeth goes rancid. The solution to that is floss regularly.


It isn't really the air coming out of my -mouth- that I have problems with.

PS: What me and my roommate have described as "ketosis breath" is a good indicator that you're burning protein and need to add fat/carbs to your previous meal.


Listerine never fails.


Seems to work for me...


Good one Derek!


if you have bad breath it's not from eating 6-8 meals a day. More likely from what you are eating or bacteria, actually people are known to get bad breath from not eating.


It is most likely from the amount you are eating. Do not use fisherman friends or any other form of breath mint. brush your teeth 3 times a day at least rinse and swallow daily with water. or rinse and spit with salt water. try and switch to more nautral toothpaste brands with strawberry root extract these are supposed to help with bad breath.