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6-7 Week Blast While on TRT

Hey, i’m looking for some advice please about blasting.

Ive done about 4-5 cycles in the past but never combined with TRT, Ive always done a pct and recovered*

I’m currently on TRT at 100mg Test E per week split into two 50mg doses, this puts me very top of the lab range and slightly over range for free T.

I want to blast for 6-7 weeks, but I’m conflicted about what method to use.

Would it be better to just up my current Test E jabs to 250mg per jab so 500mg total per week and then drop back down to 100mg total per week at week 7


Keep the two TRT 50mg test E jabs as they are and use test prop for the blast and do 3 total shots a week? so 125mg prop with my 50mg Test E as shot 1, shot 2 will be 125mg test prop on its own and then shot 3 will be 50mg Test E and 125mg Prop.

I know there are pros and cons to prop vs E but as my blast is short I’m just wondering is Test E too long of an ester for such a short cycle, Id prefer Test E as it means less jabs but I also want the most bang for my buck too

Ill also be taking Tbol 60mg per day for 6 weeks


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