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6-7 Months of Work


Hey huys, 27 years old beginner here. I had another 3-4 months of gym session before, but like 2 years ago or sth. I sticked to it a bit better this time, except the break for summer but then I did some bodyweight stuff at home. I dont have “before” pictures but I looked like the guy in first picture, just bigger chest and less fat on belly. I’m curious of what you guys think and any advice for which route to take ? I want more definiton actually but dont wanna become skinny fat in the process. My weight has been stable since I’ve started working out @ 80-81 kg but I’ve definetely gained size on my quads, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps. Height is 183 cm.

Now this is me, sorry for horrible lighting:

oh ok I cant get it to upload so there are the links.


There’s no pic of you here, just the one pic… of Leonardo DiCaprio.

You’ve got about 10 minutes before I delete this thread unless you post an actual pic of yourself.


haha but the forum didnt allow me to post more pictures attached to my post .


Just wanted to make sure they did actually appear. We’ve had the “I kinda-sorta look like this guy who isn’t me” situation before.

Cutting now will lead to either a skinny-fat or just plain skinny look.

String together 12 uninterrupted months of proper training and eating without taking breaks, which it sounds like you tend to do, and you’ll be in a good spot.

Lift 3 or 4 days a week, do some cardio 2 or 3 days a week, eat plenty of quality protein and enough calories to make the scale go up steadily (another thing you’ve had trouble with). Start here.


Thanks, I’m determined not to take a break this time from the gym. I was either thinking cutting 2-3 kgs but decided against it after your advice. Is 85 kg a good target with a slowish bulk with my frame ?
Also what about aesthetichs wise. Any lagging parts you can pinpoint or should i just try getting bigger overall ?