6/7/06 Cool Tip

Is he talking about fitness gods or just gods in general?

Today’s tip comes from Stuart McGill:

No Best Way

Never get married to a single philosophy. As soon as you know it all, shake your head because you’re probably missing something. Listen to all kinds of different people; don’t throw away all of the things you’ve learned over the years and follow one guru: there is no single fitness god! And if you find someone that says they’ve found all the answers, be wary. It’s nice to hear the experts say they don’t know.[/quote]

He’s talking specifically about the God you worship and called him a dickhead. And now you must avenge. Go get em’.

Well, the quote said “fitness gods”…but I’m thinking that it’s a great way to go through life and apply it to all aspects. There is no one set answer for everything and everyone. The sooner we realize we don’t know everything, the better off we’ll be.

Ya i think its a great philosophy that can be applied to everything and everyone. Too much damn fighting in this world because people think they know best.