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6.5 Months Away From First Contest

All mandatories. Competing in classic, nowhere near my weight cap right now. Unfortunately gonna take me quite some years to get there. Here’s where I’m at. Thoughts or suggestions?


Looks pretty good IMO. The pictures are not the best as you are fairly far away (I am guessing to be under the light from above).

Yea, have an older iPhone so the camera quality on the zoom is tragic lol.

nice physique. height weight?

5’ 11’’
~190lbs right now

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Keep trying to add quality muscle for the next 2-3 months, then shift into contest prep mode. I think you will be fine.

Very impressive physique. Not a fan of the forward lean on the side triceps poses, though.

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That’s the plan. Did a 8 week “mini” cut if you will just to get my body composition down and now I’m into another mass phase for 3ish months before 4months or contest prep!

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Thanks man. Not a side tricep, just a quarter turn, but yea I’m torn between hitting it like I have posted and hitting it just straight up and down. I don’t get as much of a tapered look if I go straight up and down though!

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