6:30am Training

What does one eat before training at 6:30am?

I used to train at 11am, but due to work volumes, I have decided to train before work. However, if the gym opens at 6:30, what should I eat before training?

I am doing, and will continue to do the double dose Surge protocol so I will be having that before lifting, but what should I have upon waking. Maybe the pre/peri workout Surge drink is sufficient…?

Interested in other people’s thoughts.


Fast digesting protein shake with slow digesting carbs, fish oil, and a multivitamin.

When you’re done, repeat.

I would recommend 20g whey protein with fruit (half an apple, berries, etc). I like to mix protein with frozen fruit (and glutamine and creatine) in a blender and drink the whole thing.

The whey is fast digesting, and especially with the glutamine, is a great way to make protein available to your muscles during your workout AND stop muscle protein breakdown that can happen when you sleep.

The fruit, especially fruit with some fiber (apple, etc) will give you some slow digesting carbs to fuel your workout without spiking insulin (although it can conceivably slow the protein absorbtion some).

Don’t forget the 40g protein and 40-60g simple carbs after your workout (second breakfast, good times).

I usually make my meal the night before which will be something light and simple such as a cold cut sandwich. I’ll throw in a protein shake some days. For me I just have something light to get some food in me .

Great suggestions - thanks.

I will trial the whey protein and fruit upon waking. I will get to the gym 1/2 hour later and have my first Surge drink before lifting and during workout and then slam a second Surge after training. Then eat a slower digesting meal about 1 hour later.

i usually go at the same time.

typically i eat some really sugary cereal for energy, two glasses of milk, whole wheat toast, scrambled eggs and either ham, sausage or some form of meat.

after my workout i have a whey shake in milk and some creatine mixed in grape juice.

then i just eat real food through out the rest of the day.