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6,300 ng/dl On 500mg of Testosterone

Hey guys, so I recently went in for a blood test because I was getting fatigued on my current blast this time around. My free testosterone came out to be 257 ng/dl which is around 10-12x normal production.

My intention was never to be at this high of a level. Harm reduction is a priority for me and at this dose I’m at the same level as a normal person running 1-2g of testosterone which is insane. My TRT dose of 40mg EOD has me at 35 ng/dl free testosterone (I understand that’s a bit too high but I feel best at this dose).

I’m making some really insane progress but I don’t want to be reckless and ruin my health for some gains. Could my levels be skewed because of my low CBC values (HTC 38-39% on TRT while 42% is the normal for a male)? How should I restructure my blast so I can make good gains with less sides? I was thinking of using a TRT dose with some anavar.