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6' 3", 220. How Am I Looking? Competition Potential?

What’s your opinion on my look. This is after about 8 weeks being on somewhat of a diet. Eating clean but not counting macros and watching every little thing. Potential to compete one day? image|281x499


Wow, you look like you already compete. I think you should just take the chance otherwise you won’t know what happens

You think so? Ok cool man. Might go for it next year. Just don’t wanna do it and not do well. Would do men’s physique

Well this keeps many from competing. I think competing for most people leads to more improvement than not competing. Don’t worry so much about winning the show. Focus on improvement. You won’t make a fool of yourself or anything based on your pictures. Try to have fun and learn.

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You dont know what will happen until you try it out. Everyone who steps up has already done well in my eyes, “he who dares wins”. Once you’ve signed up to your first contest I’m sure that pressure will drive you to push yourself further than ever before

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Pretty clear you could compete. How well you’d place is a different story. This is one of those rare times when pictures in the mandatory poses would actually help assess your physique.

From what I can tell from the current pics, I’d work on bringing up legs, chest, tris, and back (your lats are gnarly, but there’s more to the back than just lats).

Oh. Chest, tris, and back then. :wink:

Also, start wrapping your head around the fact that getting into legit contest condition will very likely mean losing 10 to 15+ pounds from where you are now, so set aside any love affair with the scale.

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Awesome. Appreciate the feedback. I figured about 10 more lb would get me close to stage ready. Would be about 205-210 on stage. Unfortunately don’t have leg pics. There super lean and vascular. Calves measure 16 and thighs 26.

Did that diet include trenbolgna sammiches…?

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Haha nope. I’ve only ever taken test and anavar. This was 10 weeks 525 test prop and 50mg anavar

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I don’t know shit about bodybuilding or physique or whatever, but you look way bigger than 220 to me.

Really? That’s surprising. Feel like i look 200. It’s my damn height

I would imagine the 26” quads and 16” calves help keep the weight down, plus he said they are super lean. Legs are heavy. And op this is not a dig at you. Lookin hella joozy.

I’m 8, yes 8, inches shorter than you and 200lbs… not even close to your level of leanness. Don’t knock what you’ve achieved even with prop and var. nicely done.

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Seriously. That mental barrier is probably why you/y’all started lifting (and led to PED usage) in the first place, but you’re both yoked and in killer shape. At 6’3" in that shape you could’ve said 250lbs and I’d believe it.

Thanks bro’s

If you want to compete I think you should pick a show coming up in the next six months and just do it. You already look like you’re a competitor.

Regarding doing well, that’s not up to anyone but judges. You can be great, but there might also be five other men onstage who are also great, making you not place at all.A close friend of mine is a CP Olympia competitor who looked great at his last show but did not place.

Your torso is awesome. Your arms and delts need to pop more. I had the reverse issue.

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Agree with this, but especially the delts part. In my (unexpert) opinion, a key attribute of a successful Physique competitor (which I was not) is shoulder width, something you do not appear to have in abundance. Additionally, their delts tend to be disproportionately large c/w the rest of their upper body, also not a trait of yours.

That being said, both of these ‘flaws’ (scare quotes because you have no flaws from a real-world perspective) are fixable by prioritizing delts (especially rear and lateral/medial delts) in your training. Your goal should be to get a set of delts that cause gym-goers to say ‘Hey man, you need to back off the shoulder training–your delts are too big for the rest of your body.’ That’s when you’ll know you’ve arrived. Best of luck.

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Ok cool appreciate the feedback. Might start throwing in an extra chest/shoulder day

I’ve talked about this before - Larry Fitzgerald is 6’3 215. A lean 200+ is big, and lots of people sitting around 240 and looking big would have to lose 30-40 pounds to be “lean”.

True. Hoping to get to a lean ripped 230