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6"2", 153 Pounds. 145-Pound Squat Form Check

6’2” 153. 145 squat need help before progressing. it feels weird people say im using my hips too much and leaning forward?

Get those elbows forward.

Once you do that you’re golden.

First of all start eating more so you gain some muscle with all this work you’re doing.

The first few reps look pretty good but as you get more tired or don’t concentrate as the set goes we can see the tendency for your knees and hips to shift back as your reverse out the bottom. It’s called a good morning squat or chest fall pattern

This is pretty common especially when people get more tired but it’s gonna sap a lot of energy, limit your 1RM strength and maybe snap you in half as the weights and workloadsgey bigger.

Look on googl and YouTube. Lots of info on this but here’s some to start