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6' 185 10-12% BF, Almost Two Years Lifting 20 Y/O


I think you’ll get better feedback if you give some idea of your goals. It seems to be common in RMP for people to just post a selfie that’s basically “Hey, how do I look?” - but honest feedback depends on whether you’re trying to be a cover model / physique competitor / competitive bodybuilder / guy that the girls ask to lift his shirt so they can see his abs / etc.


This is not a “routine” - this is a list of days and bodyparts.

This is not a “diet” - it’s a list of foods.

I don’t know if you’re looking for feedback on either or just posting it because you felt like typing some more text, but if you seek actual input on either of these things, more specifics will be helpful. Exercises, sets, reps define a “routine” much more than Chest, Arms, Back. Amount of each food, total calories, macros define a “diet” much more than just listing some of the things you eat.

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Of course! sorry about that! I try to hit 3000 calories a day and 180-200g or protein a day, my goal is to gain muscle, stay lean but still improve on all excises. Eventually I want to compete in Mens Physique for under 200lbs. or possibly get into modeling. I’m trying to stay consistent, learn as much as I can and build a solid/proportional base of muscle. I’m Naturally very skinny due to a high metabolism, so I try to stay at a lower rep range for a majority of my exercises(6-8 RPS) i’m 185 right now, trying to hit 195 in 6 months or so

Legs: 4x8 Squats (275)
5x5 squat pyramid starting at 135 up to 285
Leg Press 4x8 360lbs drop set on the 5th
Leg Extensions 3x10
Leg Curls 3x10
Calf Raises 3x10
Dead Leg Lunges x3

Chest: I either focus on using mostly DB’s or mostly Barbells I try to alternate weeks
I also try to focus on either incline or flat
2x20 light weight chest press machine for warm up
3x6 225 regular bench press
3x5 225 Negative bench press super-setting with pushups
3x12 135 close grip bench
2x8 35lbs(2 sets at each angle incline/flat/decline) DB chest flys
super setting with 2x8 DB hammer press

3x12 Bent over rows 2x4(heavy) until failure after
5x5 weighted pull-ups
3x8 T-Bar Rows drop set at the end
3x10 DB rows
3x8 Lat pullovers
3x8 Lat-Pulldowns for each grip
3x8 Machine Rows
3 sets of kill pullups

4x5 barbell curls (heavy)
superset with dips

4x8 hammer curls
superset with tricep pushdown drop set
and single arm tricep pushdowns

4x8 incline db curls
superset with tricep rope pull-downs

4x8 bicep curls
superset with skullcrushers

4x6 controlled low weight preacher curls
superset with tricep kickbacks

4x6 concentrated kill curls
superset with incline light weight skullcrushers until failure

2x20 warm up shoulder press
3x8 shoulder press
2x drop set shoulder press

3x6 overload lateral raises

3x10 military db press

superset 3x8 for 4 different delt/rear delt DB raises

3x10 barbell front raises

3x10 barbell shrugs
superset with controlles 45lb plate raise

usually pullup/pushup/situp pyrimids
8-13 pullups
16-26 pushups
24-39 situps

I also do 4x5 weighted pullups

I try to focus more on certain areas for each month.

everything you wrote here looks pretty good. Those are fairly good numbers, and a decent physique, given that you’re currently in the Navy, and only 2 years into lifting. Better progress than I made my first 2 years for sure.

Seems like a pretty generic bodypart/bodybuilder split. It seems to be working for you. You’re relatively strong without being on a strength-specific program, so good for you.

Given your goals, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. Go ahead and keep pushing your bodyweight up. At 6’, you need to be a little heavier to carry an appreciable amount of muscle mass. I’m a couple inches shorter than you and around 200 lbs, for reference. Probably similar bf %.

I would keep working up to a bodyweight of about 200 lbs, and then assess things. You’re still not particularly big, so it’s hard to really define weak points. You could use size all over. Once you’re weighing around 200 lbs, start focusing on the bodyparts that are still lagging, but not before then, IMO. If you want to compete as a 200 lbs/under guy, you’ll want to eventually be walking around at 210+ lbs at the bodyfat you’re at now.

Hope this helps. Any questions, ask!

Thank you! that’s essentially the goal, to hit 200 lbs, I do have a harder time putting on weight being naturally skinny with a damn high metabolism, is there anything you would recommend to help put on weight? also do you know anything or have any experience with casein? i’ve thought about switching over to it

The protein you use will not make a huge difference. That’s kind of a minimal impact thing. But you could try it and see if it makes a difference to you. I drink whey iso mostly. In general though, you just have to eat more. You’ll see the number on the scale increase faster if your extra calories come from carbs rather than protein though. When I’m really trying to push my weight up, I honestly just add in junk food. If your metabolism is what you say it is, this could work for you too.

I think you may benefit from this: https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/training-for-easy-hard-gainers-2 Some of the routines may be tough to tolerate given your military lifestyle, but take from it what you will.

You’re going to gain some fat that’s just the fact of adding muscle how much and how long it takes to lean down is on you.