6', 167lbs, 23 Yrs Old. First Cycle Advice?

hello , ım 23 and ı have been lifting morethan4-5 years naturally from time to time , ı have 5-6 years sports history ,1 year later ı had been accident with motorcycle and borek my wrist which is scaphoid bones now its fully healed but ı have some problems wth my wrist its not powerful back in days , and ım searching anabolic in this day ı want to do some first cycle and wants some gains and maybe ı can support to my wrist and my left arm basically my left part.
ım thinking test E . And primobolan 12 or 14 week after that ım not gonna do cycle for a long time , what do u advice for me and for my body type 23-24 is key for jump in gear? thank you

weight 167
height 6’0

Probably not what you want to hear, but if it is me I would wait until natural gains are further depleted. You have a decent frame, so I think you can put more muscle on naturally. For reference I’m 2" shorter than you, but had your total body weight in fat free mass when I did my first cycle. I don’t have elite genetics, I just stuck to it for a long time.

What does your programming look like? Diet? Lifts?

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u know this day all gym closed and ım doing some homeworkout shit and these tings dont motivate me like gym , my diet is like ı eat a lot by the way ım on acctuane 4 month and with this drug ı drop my all suplements and its decrased my motivation and Accutane are bad effect on my muscles , but when it finished after this summer ı will start again my programs ı will work out a lot naturally like 4-5 month after that ım thinking do jump in gear like on January. 23 is the acceptable age for use gear

Me too. I don’t know very many people who enjoy studying or work more than lifting weights.

According to who? Most here say that’s pretty young. Even if it is the minimum age, is starting as soon as possible the best approach? Maybe if you were closer to being maxed out naturally? Make sure you understand all the risks involved, as you likely have you mind made up.

I’m not trying to insult you, just telling you what I’ve learned with hindsight. At 23 I also thought I couldn’t get much bigger. Fifteen pounds of natural muscle changed my mind.

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Not trying to be hurtful here but you can add a lot more mass just through eating and training. I’m only 5’7" and I weigh 205 at 15% BF. You have some muscle but to be honest you have no separation or real definition. Are your legs skinny? You’re very young, give it some more time before you jump on gear.

P.S. this idea that you’ll only do this one cycle then nothing for a long time is foolish. Once you start down this path its pretty much impossible to get off.


Ditto what @studhammer said. I’m similar at 5’7" 200lbs. I was able to hit a relatively lean 175lbs before starting TRT or and test regimens. At 6’ you should be a solid 185-190lbs easily from natural training. Your arms appears to be decent size so them legs must be twigs. I recommend trying a 5x5 routine at your age for awhile. Get your big 3 built up and the mass will come.

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I started off training with your weight and a lot leaner. I’m now natural at 195 lbs and at maybe 15% bodyfat ±1 after my last bulk.
To jump on gear right now after 4-5 years of ineffective training is a loss in health and wont get you the gains you want. You first have to learn to eat and train right.

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Exactly. He looks soft, and only have arms it seems. If he doesn’t learn to train and eat correctly, then doing a cycle will yield subpar, probably disappointing results. And each cycle has a health toll, so he better makes it a successful one.

thank you for your advices , ı had motorycle crahs and at this thime my left part dint get lean , ı junt want to like a kick start to get leand, ı know how to train and eat and other stuff but as you said ı dont want waste my first cycle to get nothing do you ave any advice or suplement or peptids to which ı use and if ı do test E. and primobolan cycle whats prons and cons for my health?

You’ll be wasting your first cycle without the access to a full gym, in my opinion. And if you don’t know the pros and cons to your health, you haven’t done any of the prerequisite work.

I don’t think you’re at the right age or size for a cycle yet. If you knew how to train, you wouldn’t be 6’0 165, and still soft. Shit, I’m 5’8 190 soft and I feel like steroids would be a waste.