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6' 163 20 Years Old


Been in the iron game for about 3 and a half years. Been working with Layne Norton on my Nutrition for the past 23 weeks and am currently 5 days out from my first bodybuilding competition.

I know that I am not the biggest nor am I the leanest guy out there, but as a very chunky high-school freshman I set a personal goal to compete in a bodybuilding competition before I turned 21. Alright enough of the sappy story and onto the pictures.


rear double bi


Crab most muscular


abs and wheels


Oh and I plan on competing again in 2 years, I know I have to add some quality mass in the next 2 years. I will try and stay a bit leaner in the offseason, probably in about the condition I was at at about 16 weeks out(which shouldn't be too hard, seeing as my diet consisted of almost entirely Chipotle and Subway for the 4 months before I started my contest prep).


You need a lot more muscle mass all over. Especially being so tall like myself. For 5 days out you should be a lot more conditioned as well. Do your first competition though to get the experience and learn on things that need to be worked on. Some people are probably going to want more stats like what your diet and training schedule is like. Keep up the work though and add some serious mass to that body.


good on you for competing, I'm the same height and decided I wanted to compete at the start of the year. I decided to quit once I got down to 183(from 240). Us taller guys need to hold a lot of mass so we don't look stringy on stage.

I think you can see what needs to be done.


My training schedule is a 6 way split chest/ham dominant leg day/arms/shoulders/quad dominant/back, on a 3 on 1 off schedule, so that brings my training week to an 8 day week. As far as volume goes, I tend to just go by feel.

I can't really get into specifics of the diet, but it is carb cycling oriented.


Sorry to hear about that man, and yeah I have definitely realized I need some more overall size. I have been dieting for close to 24 weeks now, so I am going to ease my macros back up and taper off on the cardio and stims over the next 12 or so weeks. Then the pursuit of mass will begin.

How long had you been dieting when you needed to give it some more time?


Legs look really good man but I'm a little confused why you aren't dry as fuck right now after 23 weeks of dieting. Something about that seems off.


Thanks man, and as far as not being dry... I started the contest prep in pretty fluffy condition, am not a genetically lean person(was very chunky through about the first half of high school) and this is the leanest I have ever been. The first few weeks we were just seeing how my body responded to the carb cycling, so I was essentially eating at maintenance level. My body is reasonably comfortable with the condition I was at about 12 weeks ago, but from past dieting experiences I have noticed at about that level of conditioning my body starts rebeling. There were a few week(s) periods in there, where despite dropping carbs or increasing cardio my bodyweight stayed the same and in some cases increased; this could potentially be due to stress, the last month of school was pretty brutal as far as exams, projects and finals. This is definitely a learning experience, and I know next time around I have to start my prep leaner than I did this time around, and throw in an extra couple of weeks of wiggle room.


Oh ok, that makes sense now. I didn't know you started this contest prep in that kind of condition. I would imagine future preps would be much more successful, it's always easier to stay lean once you get very lean. Congrats on the progress!

Have you been using any fat loss agents?


Thanks a lot! The only fat burning agent I used was Oxyelite, and that was only thrown in during the last 4 weeks or so. As the prep went on I noticed that I was consuming an increasing amount of coffee, sugar-free monsters and even diet sodas( before the prep I hadn't touched pops in a few years).


from end of september -> april of this year. Once I hit January it started to get hard to lose weight and I got to the point where I was eating less than 1500 cals and doing 2-3 hours of cardio daily.

I got pretty lean but I wasnt where I wanted to be at 4 weeks out so I decided to give it a break. I did get pretty lean and dry. I just didn't like the way I looked.


Holy crap man, that was a long time! How is your body responding to putting on size now?


Unless I missed it, what weight did you diet down from?


Oh sorry I forgot to say! At my heaviest I was a little heavier than 200, unfortunately about a month before I started prep I got a either a bad case of the stomach flu or food poisoning, and was only able to eat crackers and gatorade for about a week and a half and ended up losing about 10 pounds. I was able to get back up to ~195 at the beginning of the prep.


I know this isn't "Rate my Progress", but simply for comparison purposes, here is a photo from 2 weeks into my prep.


Definitely not proud of how fluffy I let myself get.


I like the legs.