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6/12 Split

Gonna do a split like this for 6 weeks and see where it takes me. I’m hoping to make a noticeable size increase.

  1. Upper body push (mostly in the 6 rep range)
  2. Upper body pull (mostly in the 12 rep range)
  3. Lower body (some combo of low and high rep stuff, possibly AM and PM workout if schedule allows)
  4. Rest
  5. Upper body push (mostly in the 12 rep range)
  6. Upper body pull (mostly in the 6 rep range)
  7. Whatever (probably prehab, stretching emphasis, with some circuits/complexes. Probably will do some high rep leg stuff as well. Just depends on how I feel)

6 rep days will be power and strength emphasis. 12 rep days will be volume/ecccentric emphasis, i.e. trying to get sore.

I’ll try to keep intensity high on all days, respective of the rep ranges.

Goal is to get numbers up, develop better MMC, and stick to a good diet. Diet will be a lot of animals, starches, veggies and powerfoods/superfoods.

I’ll take some pics and measurements tonight for personal reference. I’ll post that stuff down the road when I’m hopefully making some progress.

Friday: Upperbody press high rep

rest periods 45-130 avg 1min

Standing BB Shoulder Press. Ramp to 105X5
Behind neck presses: 3X65X18, superset last set with clean and press to failure (8 reps)
Seated tricep pressdown: 3X160X10-12
Overhead EZbar tricep extensions (leaning against 45 degree high preacher curl) superset with overhead DB tricep press: 3X50X10-12 + 3X30X8 (felt it a huge pump in the upper chest)
(seated) Tricep machine extensions: 3X60X15

Overall I felt pretty weak but am coming in completely unconditioned.
Should probably split the session into two workouts ideally if I had time. took about 45 min with warm up. we’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Right now I feel pretty tight and weak. time for grocery shopping.

Upper body pull 6 rep
1 Arm DB Rows: 35X10, 45X6, 65X5, 75X4, 90X3
Dips (Yes not a pull move): 1XBWXfailure
Pullups: 5XBW(195)X4 (20 reps @ 195 BW)
Deads: Ramp to 315X3
Bent Rows: 135X5, 185X6, 135X5, Curl 135X1 (Bis were spent)

The session was pretty rushed. There’s a few sets I missed, but I think I got all the exercises and numbers right.

Sun: Slept 4 hours and had to work, so I took it off and just did shopping (costco) to get my staples for my diet - potatoes, beef, chicken, veggies, milk, eggs, etc.

Planning to do a light 2 mile jog in the morning, because I know I need to get my endurance up to start having decent workouts.

Mon: Upper Body Push

AM: Shoulders (Needed to make coffee - session lacked intensity)
Triceps are still a bit sore

Warm up with Laterals and Light DB Press

  1. Standing Shoulder Press: Ramp to 105X3
    Shoulders felt a little “creeky” and wrist was weak. Need to bring wrist wraps

  2. Seated High Incline Press (Smith Machine): Ramp to 150X3

  3. Front and Side Laterals: Ramp to 25X8

Not the best session :frowning:

I started taking a joint supplement (Glucosamine / chondroitin). I need to get back on the fish oil and vit K2. Those seemed to really help in the past. Also I’m currently taking micronized magnesium, D3, zinc combined with a pretty healthy and body builder friendly diet.

Gonna try to crank it out tonight

Mon PM: Upper body push

Let’s just say I raped Bear Rape Gods log today. I had an inspired workout. I trained like a bulletproof tiger.

Mostly did upper body press, but a little high performance pressing (incl. squat) –
->Hack squat (toes high and out @45 degree angle) on leg press machine–
(–> 1 extended set, high rep with 10 second lockout pause. Approximately bodyweight poundage, 15-20 reps X 4 sets
->Bench lockout from pins - ramp to 275X3 (8-12" range of motion). Approx. 6-7 sets with wave loading.
much pressing movements for triceps


Good heavy bag session with pretty sick combos with hands (if I do say so myself), but a video would likely reveal my efforts mediocre, but I landed some good elbow strikes\spinning kicks\jab-cross-hook combos\ etc. :slight_smile: I feel happy. Supplementation was spot on.

**edit: I forgot to log a few movements. ~20 Dips, some plyo push ups, and maybe some more stuff. Can’t remember exactly, but logging it while “in the zone” would have messed up my flow. Did some other pressing stuff too, as well as some pull movements in a higher rep range.

Where the hell have you been mang?

Thanks for scooping out my log Ct. Rock. Consider this to be my “Just F’n Do it Bulk Log Reloaded.” Right when started that log , I got real busy. I had less time to be on here because I tried to start a business for the last year and a half. If anybody wants a custom steering wheel for their hot rod/truck/muscle car, lemme know. I know a place with 'em for a real good price :slight_smile:

Tues. Upper body pull (mostly in the 12 rep range)

Yeah so I split the session up into 2 because of time constraints. I’m off to a rough start with keeping accurate records though. We’ll have to see what I can do about that. Maybe just get a log book, at least for in the car after the gym. Both workouts combined, I did somewhere in the ballpark of 15-17 sets for back plus only 3 sets for biceps. I’ll have to do the bis better on my second pull workout of the week.

I need some source of inspiration. Calling all haters.

Wed (1/18/2012)

Okay, so today is supposed to be a leg day. I’m thinking I should go light and work on mobility and ROM. Maybe ramp up to 60-70% of my 1RM for a few sets of 3-6. Then lower the weight by 25% and do 5X5. I did rack pulls yesterday, so I’ll probably stick to a quad dominant routine for the heavy moves, but will likely do some assistance work like DB Single Leg Deads and/or split stance RDL.

…Wed (1/18/2012):

Leg WO.

Diet was pretty crappy. Lack of nutrients early in the day. Not a complete lack, just not enough. Felt decently strong. Just need to work on my diet. I’ll be traveling for work in the AM so then I’ll just have to bring a cooler with me.

Ramped (pyramid 12 reps @ medium/light up to 3 reps @ heavy) to 3 plates on smith machine squats with feet 8-12 inches in front of neutral.

Thur: Arm workout. A lot of direct bicep and tricep work. While thur. is typically a rest day, I planned this workout knowing that I had to be traveling for work on Fri and Sat.

Sat: I made it back just in time (from traveling) to get a workout in before the gym closed. Did a variety exercises most of which I don’t know the name for. Pretty quick but pretty intense given 45 time constraint. Heavy weight for as many reps as possible. Basically full body workout pyramiding up in weight (12-6 reps) over 2-3 working sets.

Sun: Lats and hamstrings. 2 muscles I need to emphasize. A decent but not crazy volume as I’m gonna hit them again in a couple days. A decent variety of angles, volume and rep ranges. Heavy pants and machine hamstring curls. Various cable pulling moves. Some cycling around 10 min at various ranges. Heavy bag technique and combos about 2 10 minute sessions.

A custom steering wheel?

So random lol

Mon: “Loosen up those hips” workout. Light to moderate intensity. Not too heavy on any lifts besides shrugs 4 plates per side for 12 reps (standing on a shrug machine). I really need to bring a log book with me.

Mon PM: Was supposed to be a push workout, but I felt drained. Wrist was sore in the AM so I did a mobility workout since pressing would have put additional strain on the wrist. I’m guessing it’s a form of tendonitis and will stretch from multiple angles for moderate to high reps to promote hypertrophy in the area.

Strength just wasn’t cutting it so i’ve been throwing in some PLing, if you can call it that. Worked up to 3 plates on deads/hip hinge superset for reps. Worked up to 6 plates and 2 quarters per side on a plate loaded leveraged leg press machine for reps are varying stances.

So I completely stopped following the split. I did workout chest, lats, and traps last night. Did heavy shrugs with 355, high rep pulldowns/stretchers, and plate loaded dip machine with 3 plates per side. Also did my own version of 5,3,1. It started with 5 reps with heavy weight on incline DB press, rest 10-12 seconds then do 3 reps resting for 10 count in locked out position, then grind out last rep. I think I only used a pair of 65s after those dips.