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6 - 12 - 25 Sets

Hi Coach,

Regarding the above rep scheme, do you advocate aiming for failure in each set? I know Charles Poliquin did in his original GBC. I’m thinking of doing another blast of Fastest Way to Get Jacked and it’s not clear from my old training log whether I did go to failure on these.

On that subject, I would be minded to avoid failure on most of the other sets due to the high frequency of the programme. Does that sound right?

Many thanks in advance.

Going to failure has to be evaluated by looking at other training variables.

If volume is high, frequency is high and neurological demands are high, I would not go to failure for example.

By the way, I’ve never seen Charles train to failure… ever. And he didn’t go to true failure with the athletes he trained (I trained a few that were trained by him previously and coached with two of his main guys while he was in Arizona). He wrote about it when talking to a bodybuilding crowd, but didn’t apply it… at least not what we would call total failure, more like when the client failed to be able to respect the programmed tempo or use proper form. That’s what he considered failure.

Thanks Coach, questioned answered.

I appreciate there was always a lot of hyperbole with Charles. The ‘spleen popping out of your left eye’ effort, etc. I’ve heard Nick Mitchell saying something similar with death circuits. What I have never heard, though, is the fact that this approach will necessitate, IMO, significant drops in load for each circuit (if you want to maintain the rep scheme, of course).

I love Nick and have taught to the staff of five of his gyms. But while there, I have not observed one client training to the level where they would endanger an internal organ LOL

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I have also an article about burning-out/overtraining coming up which does discuss the interaction between the various training variables.


Is this available via your site?

No, I don’t sell it personally.

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