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6'; 117 lbs to 143 lbs


Figure I'll start out with I'm not into bodybuilding, however, I am into creating reasonable symmetry in order to limit imbalances that could lead to injuries.

When I started lifting I was same height, 6' but at 117 lbs. Probably fell into the skinny category. Been training since about September of last year. Had a 2-3 month break from May to June from a lumbar strain. Currently at 143 lbs. 6'.

Focus is on getting strong, if I gain weight doing so, so be it. But no concentration on gaining weight atm as it's not inline with my primary goals.








Legs. Pale cause I don't swim in a speedo


Actually, gaining weight is in line with your goals. You will not be able to increase your strength very much at all at that weight. Muscle is heavy. It would benefit you to eat more if you have any sort of reasonable strength goals. I can't imagine you're capable of lifting very much at your current size.


Current lifts:

Pull Up: BW+75 Lbsx1
Dips: BW+75x1
Deadlift: was about 280/290x1 before my back strain
Squat: 225x1
Barbell Rows and Bench: 140 5x5 working weight
OH Press: 75 5x5 working weight

I suppose gaining weight is inline with getting stronger, however my squat is progressing nicely, so I'm more focused on being stronger, the mass will more than likely come with it.


Why do you want to stay so skinny? You can get stronger without gaining mass. Mass gains will come with consistent lifting and eating a caloric surplus. You need to give your body more fuel than it is burning to grow.


If you eat enough, the mass will come. If you do not, your progress will come to a halt very soon.




Do you mean gaining weight as adding muscle or fat?