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6"1, 85kgs, 27Y/O, 8-9%BF - Feedback Please

Your BF level is nowhere near 8-9%–more like 15-20. But the number is irrelevant. You’re lean enough to be able to take your shirt off at the pool without embarrassment, yet are not so lean as to have it interfere with gaining muscle.

In that regard, you’ve got a good base. Keep working hard and eating clean, and more muscle will come.

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@EyeDentist. Thanks for the assessment and feedback. Looks like im going to be keeping alot of cardio in than.

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Goals? Do you want to be a shredded crossfitter or a 275lb powerlifter?

why? would you have said this is if eyedentist had said ‘8 percent? BRO THIS IS MORE LIKE 6 PERCENT!!’ My insinuation here is that the number is not remotely important. If you liked the way you looked before, why would you change that opinion based on a guess at your bodyfat percentage? Do you all of a sudden think you look different than you did when you posted the picture?


@flipcollar hey bro. I didnt think my Bodyfat was quiet that high in those pics but that was his opinion. I dunno about 6% ha but thanks. I am more concerned and want feedback about weaknesses and area you guys think i can bring up and how to do so. I recently did a comp and got smoked. It was mens novice physique and classic physique. Next time i hit that stage i want top 3. I really want to win to be honest. More feedback please🙂

@Basement_Gainz Hi, my goal is to do classic mens physique div. Be in top 3 of my division. Competing again in May 2018. Just going into an off season now staying very lean and slight surplus focusing on and prioritizing Biceps, triceps and full leg developement. Overall size. Any advice?

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For physique need more arms both size and detail. Generally at 6’1 you prob need to get up to 220lbs/100kg off season and 195 stage weight to be competitive.


@RampantBadger Yea arms and legs are my priority areas any advice for bringing in that detail? Is it a simple case of more supersets, more time under tension and more isolation work for both bis and tris?

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Is it a tested fed? If not no way you’re coming in top 3.

I’d recommend at looking into the training logs of natural bbers here. You don’t have to copy them exactly, but success leaves clues. There’s a couple natties that got pro cards. @robstein, @BrickHead and @EyeDentist off the top of my head. @themightystu writes great programs for a modest fee. He’s coached several people who got their pro card.

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I’ve competed, but so far, no pro card for me. I’m hoping @The_Mighty_Stu is going to give me one of the fourteen he’s earned for Christmas.


Ah. When I read your thread I thought I remembered you winning a card. Mea culpa.

Take a picture in a wolfpack ™ t-shirt and go get a bunch of likes on social media. Should work.

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Does T-Nation count as social media? Because that’s all I got.

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I’m the wrong guy to ask. I stay off all of them for fear of accidentally inciting riots. But by the textbook definition I think it does.

so·cial me·di·a
websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Also I just remembered that @The_Mighty_Stu is judging shows now. He actually could “give” somebody a pro card for Christmas.

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@Basement_Gainz Non tested fed. Thanks i will look into some of those guys. Not looking for a pro card per sae just some top 3 placings and hopefully some wins

dieting down can’t be your priority right now. You’re just going to spin your wheels doing that. You’re small, even for physique. You’ve gotta pack on significantly more muscle. Everywhere.

The approach I would take is to try to make lean gains for awhile. A year or more. Try to stay at the bodyfat you’re at now pretty much year-round, but keep adding bodyweight slowly. Eventually, when you have a contest to prepare for, you can start dieting, probably about 4 months out of the show. Like you said, you got smoked at your first one. That’s not surprising.

I would also get with an experienced trainer, and when you’re 4 months out and ready to compete, hire someone to do your nutrition. The fact that you asked the question ‘do I bring in more detail with supersets, time under tension, or isolation work’ is such a strange question that it tells me your knowledge is severely lacking, and reading on the internet hasn’t been sufficient for you to learn what needs to be done.

You also misunderstood my point about your bodyfat. It’s just a number. You will not have your bodyfat % written on your forehead. ALL THAT MATTERS IS YOUR APPEARANCE. What you see in the mirror. Nobody’s assessment of a bodyfat % should affect how you train or eat. The mirror and the scale need to dictate those things.


This is the go to for arms…

Paul Carter programs like this good for overall muscle…

@flipcollar Sounds like a good, smart game plan thanks gor the advice bro. I need not be in such a hurry to get on stage again so soon i guess. Focus on the priority areas and keep patient and let some quality gains be achieved. I will keep you guys updated and post some progress pics down the line and you can see how im progressing☺

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I always say that the variable people underestimate (if they consider it at all) is TIME. I’m not saying people shouldn’t try competing if they want, but if they truly want to be competitive, building muscle, and I’m not even talking about aesthetics, or symmetry etc - takes time.

Brick destroyed his recent contest, but also had been training since his teenage years (he’s late 30’s now I believe). I did pretty good in my first show (trying to be humble here -lol) and had been training over a decade before someone noticed my potential and put the bug in my head, even Arash has been training since he was like 13 (30 something now), and took 2nd in the Classic Olympia last year… the point is that the guys who seemingly come out of nowhere have sooo much time under the weights behind them. Again, I’m not saying no one should ever compete unless they’ve been training X amount of years, I’m just pointing out that muscle building is a very slow process no matter how much we may wish it weren’t.

Flip gave some great advice, as did a few other folks. Keep some perspective, remember what you ultimately want to achieve, and take the steps you need to accordingly! :wink:


@The_Mighty_Stu Thanks Stu for that very helpful, sound advice. That out of all the feeds i have recieved i think is the best advice i have recieved on here and really puts things in a much clearer perspective. How very true you example with Arash, on the money. Thanks again

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