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i’ve been checking out the 5x5 workout, but i am still unclear on a detail or two that i could not find, atleast from the specific article i was reading. for a certain muscle group, how many diffrent exercises should be done using the 5x5 rule on a single day. how many muscle groups would it be sensible to target using this routine in a single day? maybee outlining a specific work out would be help. thank you all

You can find a sample program in my article here:


You can also spread things out over a 4 or 5 day split.

If you have any further question; feel free to ask.


Usually 5X5 workouts cover 2 body parts a day(agonists/antagonists like back chest) but there are many ways to do it. When i did it i used 2 exercises per body part for a total of 20 sets in the workout.

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