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What are your favourite 5x5 based routines?

I’ve used 5x5 in the past on push press and barbell bench pressing for a few weeks and experienced very satisfactory strength gains. In my case I used 5x5 for 1 exercise, performed once per week, while performing typical 8-12 reps for 3-4 sets on whatever else I was working on. To be clear to anybody who isn’t familiar with 5x5, my definition of 5x5 is 5 working sets where I can perform 5 reps on the first set, and fatigue so that I can only perform 1-2 reps by my 5th set. I would typically rest 2-3 minutes between sets, and after a few workouts I can make all 25 reps.

Anybody had good luck with 5x5 “Bill Starr” style? By this I mean performing 5x5 on Squat/Bench/Power Clean, 3 times per week while just throwing in a couple of “vanity” exercises to round out the routine.

Or has anybody seen an original Reg Park 5x5 routine from the 50’s transcribed anywhere?

Any detailed accounts of how you have encorporated 5x5 into a routine, how long it was effective for, etc. would be interesting.