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5x5 WORK


Thought I would start a new log for my 5x5. I am currently in week 3, day 2. Up @ 4:45, coffee, protein and oats and out the door. Warmed up with light rows, military presses, squats, SLDL's and light db work for the shoulder area. Stretched for 5-10 minutes and ready for the work. Everything is for reps of 5.
Squat: 255/ 315/ 335/ 335
Incline: 125/ 135/ 155/ 175
Deadlift: 240/ 275/ 315/ 335
Standing shoulder press: 115/ 125/ 135/ 150
Stretch again and call it a wrap.
Rest day tomorrow.

Thanks for all the welcomes, I have been spending a lot of times in different parts of the forums, I like this place already.

Push it to the edge.

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." T.S. Eliot


In first.

What up Led


Welcome! Lots of guys running 5x5 lately, must be a good program.


DAMN IT!!! Super thread Ninja strikes again.



I hate this place. Used to be cool, but everyone left. Now it's just me keeping it real...and the rest of the cool people that didn't leave, but most of them did.

Welcome. Really.


Did I break this thread?

Edit: and never mind.

Sen, some of us never left and some of us still like you.


That's great!!! Makes me laugh everytime he turns his head.


You're...not just saying that are you?? You still like me !?!?


335 deadlift...yep Steve you are still a beast!! :wink:


I like the grill.. I wish I had a gas grill.. my gas grill.. stainless MAC DADDY grill... but NO!!! the State of Florida deems me unworthy.. I hate my life now..



I hate my life now..[/quote]

I thought your life was perfect now???


Perfect in a slightly imperfect kinda way...


Welcome. You doing this program 3X's a week?

And we are the cool people.

Train hard or go home!


welcome strong lifts. lots of new people in the over 35 house


Derek all over that first responder...must have that rep to keep up with.

dday: this is my second go around with the 5x5 and I like it more now than the first time, and it works.

Thanks Sen, liss and damutt

Yeah Jersey I'm doing it M-W-F, following a Bill Starr 5X5 plug n play spreadsheet, plug your 5 rep maxes at the beginning and it gives you the workout for 12 weeks.


Welcome to the hood!


Happy Friday Steve!!!! Have a fantastic weekend!


Good stuff LED. I started with 5X5 prior to moving on to 5/3/1. Been doing 5/3/1 for the better part of 6 months now and loving every minute of it. Can't wait to follow your progress.

Do you have any goals you're working towards?


Thanks late, I need to check deeper into the 5/3/1, I see it's very popular around here. My goals right now are just to keep progressing in strength and to be stronger at 50 than I have ever been.