5x5 with 313 tempo?

What do you all think about this kind of routine? It would be huge change on anything that I’ve ever done. Any suggestions please.

Well it depends on what you are shooting for. Usually 5x5 is used for attaning strength gains that comes with quick tempos, i.e. 10x or 11x. If you use the tempo you provided you wouldn’t see as great an increase in strength. Hope this helps a bit.

actually when i do a 5x5 i use a 402 tempo. when im doing less reps i like to use a more deliberate tempo to keep the tut up.

If it is a huge change from anything you have ever done and you have stopped progressing, then yes you should do it. Change is good.

I would shoot for 3-1-x. If it’s heavy enough then it should take longer than a second, even when you try to move the bar as fast as possible.

Thanks for the replies, I think I will give it a go and play it by ear with the tempo. I might change it to your suggestions if it’s not going too well.


get ready to be sore. I’d like to make one suggestion though. I prefer the 5x5 with a 31X simply because you want to generate as much muscle tension as possible during the concentric phase and you want the most power generation so doing the reps as fast as possible would be better then pushing them up slowly. Not only will this allow you to get stronger but you will put on functional lean mass due to the muscle break down. make sure to move up in weight as soon as you are able to do the 5x5 and don’t over do it with the number of different excercises per body part. stick with the compound lifts and you will see great improvements. laters pk