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5x5 Training

I’ve been doing Starr’s 5x5 for 10 weeks now and like the progress. I have 2 questions for you guys. One I’ve noticed over the last 3 weeks when squatting my calves light up on fire and cramp badly. Is this possibly due to leaning forward to much? Or my technique not being correct? Second question for those that have done this before, how long before taking a break from this routine? I don’t mean from burn out more I can start to feel my legs get rubbery as the weeks progress. Any of you guys work this program and what kinda success did you have?

Thanks for the help.

  1. POST A VIDEO!!!
  2. I gave it an eight week run, and then switched to front squatting/militaries twice a week. I did that another month, then I switched to a more traditional bodybuilding split. I ramped up to a final set, so I never felt too burnt out. If you’re feeling burnt you should reevaluate and either deload or switch things up.