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5x5 training advice

Hey. A huge thanks to all who helped advise me as to what program I should start on, now that I’ve finished 2 months of EDT. Your feedback was great. Consensus is that I should give 5x5 a try for about a month, then follow up with a hypertrophy program. (i.e. Renegade)
I have a couple of questions re: 5x5 - hope y’all can help out.
Firstly, I checked out the 5x5 program, and the advice given was that it should only be done for guys with a body fat of 12% or less. Had a body comp done about 10 days ago, and I’m at 14%. Would this make a difference for me? Should I consider another training program?
If I do start the 5x5, I would appreciate if someone could explain a some of the exercises. As a relative newbie, I still don’t have a grasp on all the movement. Thanks…

On day ONE, the following are called for:
1)CAMBERED BAR - incline press. What is a CAMBERED BAR?
2)seated HALF PRESS in the POWER RACK. What is a HALF PRESS? (is that the same as military press?) Is a POWER RACK, the rack where you do squats?

On DAY TWO, the following are called for…

  1. BACK SQUATS…these are just regular squats, correc?
  2. SUMO DEADLIFTS…what’s the difference between these and the “regular” deadlifts that I’m familiar with (or is this just another name?) Does scapular adduction refer to trying to pinch the shoulder blades together?
  3. DUMBELL CLEAN AND PRESS… not familiar with this movement.

I know I asked a LOT of questions. I hope someone won’t mind taking the time to help me out here. To anyone who does, thank you VERY much. Your time and interest are REALLY appreciated.

Link to this for me?

Hi Lorne: (note: I’ve been “conversing” with Lorne via email…so I have a extra advantage of knowing his training background…)

Regarding your current BF% and 5x5. Despite your being at 14% I still think you'll find 5x5 to be a good program for you. First of all it's a 3-day a week weight training routine. Completely different than your previous routine, correct? And don't let the "only 3-days" fool you - it is a tough progam, that provides results (both in fat loss and strength gains). For what you want now, and where you want to go - I think it's perfect.

CAMBERED BAR: A long barbell with a "dent" in the middle. The "dent" is wide enough for your torso.

HALF PRESS in Power Rack: Check this article out: www.testosterone.net/html/body_61tris.html - scroll down to Exercise Number 7.

BACK Squats: yes to your question.

SUMO DEADLIFTS: You know how Sumo wrestlers squat down with the legs spread out wide? You begin and end in that low "sumo" stance (keep feet wide throughout). Regarding "scapular adduction" - yes.

DUMBELL CLEAN AND PRESS: Have you ever perfomed power cleans before? I'm thinking you probably haven't. THIS will take some explaining. I may have to hope that Joel or even Ko can describe this one. As I wouldn't do this movement justice. Quick note: THIS is one my favorites.....

I hope this helps....

Hey. Thanks for dropping me a note. I really appreciate any feedback you can give me. Here is the link where you can find the the text of the workout and the questions I have based on it: www.testosterone.net/articles/214rip.html

I look forward to your reply. Thanks so much for your time and interest. Sincerely, Lorne

Here’s a link that shows the clean, and the push press. You are simply doing these lifts combined and with dumbells instead of a bar.

Clean: www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/ OlympicLifts/ Clean.html

Pushpress: www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/ OlympicLifts/ PushPress.html

From the clean , go directly into the push press.

The increased muscle tone benefits probably wont be as aparent until you get leaner, but the program is a good one for every other reason for anyone w/ any bf%; I really misworded that part of the article. Besides, once you get leaner, your ripped, rugged, and denseness will be very obvious.

As for the exercise descriptions:

The cambered bar incline press is a regular barbell incline bench press with a cambered bar. The cambered bar allows you to lower the bar lower than chest level. You can find a picture of the bar here: www.thesportsauthority.com/ graphics/product_images/p141740reg.jpg

If your gym doesn't have one, a standard olympic barbell is OK.

The Sumo Deadlift is the same as a conventional deadlift but with a much wider stance (hence the term "Sumo") "Spreading the floor" with your feet like Tate recommends for the squat is also a good idea for the Sumo deadlift.

The Dumbell Clean and Press is one of the most demanding, toughest compound movements out there (that's probably why you havn't heard much about it). Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and the dumbbells hanging between your legs. Swing the 'bells back between your legs and then clean them to your clavicles while keeping them as close to your body as possible. Brace the "clean" movement by dropping into a quarter squat as the 'bells approach your clavicles. Powerfully snap your quads into a lockout position while simultaneously pressing the 'bells above your head. Reverse the movement, concentrating on resisting the weight with your triceps, and then once the 'bells hit your clavicles, let them free-fall between your legs. Repeat for the desired number of reps (5 in this case).