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5x5 to 5/3/1 Transition

Went back to the gym in after a 10 year break. Or as I call it. I decided to stop being a fat slob. Started 5x5 program about 2.5 months ago. I suspect in the next week I will begin not make all my reps. So question. Do I do a de load week. And continue. Or just use my last week to calculate my one rep maxed and transition to 531 bbb. Hope I worded my question correct. As I am not up to speed on lingo
45 years old
Last 5x5
Bench 185
Squat 250
Ohp 105. Week shoulder. Slow progress
Trap bar Dead lift 255
Barbell row 145. Little room to add weight

I don’t think a deload would be absolutely necessary. Just calculate estimated one rep maxes and use 85%. You’ll be starting with lighter than usual weight anyway. That’s what I did and first month of 5/3/1 and it felt great coming from stronglifts 5x5. Just not sure if age will be a huge factor as I am younger than you are. If you really do feel beat up, I don’t see anything wrong taking a deload week either.

I don’t ever feel beat up. If anything with the rad 140. I have to make my self leave the gym. How ever I have three weeks left of the rad. So don’t know my much my lifts or endurance will drop when I end the cycle

Did you transition to classic. BBB or 3 month challenge?

Oh sorry man I’ve never used anything exogenous so I have no experience to draw upon to give you a meaningful response about that.

I transitioned to 5/3/1 Beginners which has two main lifts per day with 5/3/1 percentages and FSL. I just played it safe and reduced FSL to 3x5 and chose assistance work carefully. My goals are for sports performance, and not hypertrophy.

I did exactly this roughly 9 years ago.

Except I went to 531 after a hip injury. I pushed 5x5 a bit farther than I needed to.

When I started 5/3/1 I just ran the original program, and that is what I would recommend. Just do the PR sets and an assistance template like Triumvirate or the new assistance guidelines (50 reps of a push, pull, and single leg/core). If you just want to get started right away just do Triumvirate.

Just to add a little: There’s good reason to try and go for 5s pro btw, specially if you are concurrently working on improving or learning technique like I am

Today my body wasn’t in the mood for the 5x5. So I just did 2x5. TheN 5x10x50% 1rm. I had forgotten what the lactic acid burn felt like. Liked how I’d felt. So I think I may run bbb. Need to figure out my supplementals. And start next week