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5x5 Tempo Question


Have been reading a lot of good stuff about 5x5 lately and decided to give it a try.

Read an article by Charles where he advocates tempo of 401, in other articles I have not found any tempo recommendations.

In Scrawny To Brawny, Berardi’s book, he says control negative.

Which tempo do you guys use?

If one was going for 4 eccentric, then it will be kind of hard to stick to the current “controlled” RMs.


Tempos are useless, control the eccentric phase, the time will depend on the move, just be in complete. As for as the concentric go, lift as fast as possible, then again the time will depend on the move and the load. Counting time in your head while lifting is just silly and counter productive.

Just guess a 4 second tempo, but probably best not to be counting.

Use a fast concentric, pause if you wan, but be consistant for a few workouts then cange.

[quote]Andrew Dixon wrote:
Just guess a 4 second tempo, but probably best not to be counting.[/quote]

Agreed. Counting in your head would be stupid, though I doubt anyone who talks about tempo or cadence would advocate it.

After your slow negative, you may want to stop for a fraction of a second. I know typical Polquin is 401, but you want to make sure you don’t bounce out of the bottom.

After the fractional pause, you will accelerate the weight up (as best you can) w/ your muscles doing the work and not momentum.