5x5 Style Routine Critique

I’ve been doing a lot of research on 5x5 style programs and decide d to try a program like the one on the stronglifts 5x5 blog. However, it’s kind of a beginner program so i made a few adjustments for a more well rounded physique.

I play rugby and my goals right now are just to get strong and more muscular/lean.

Here’s what it looks like:

I alternate A and B workouts, and usually workout monday, wednesday, friday.

A) workout
-Squats 5x5
-Bench 5x5
-BB rows 5x5
-Hamstring curls 1x5
-Dips(weighted) 3x5
-rope pushdowns 1 set to failure

  • neck or calves for one set.

-Deadlift 5x5
-Overhead Press 5x5
-DB one legged squat 1x5
-Chinups/Pullups 3x5
-Incline DB curls 1 set to failure
-Weighted situps or forearm work

I started off with lighter weights and have been increasing all the major lifts by 5 pounds with each workout. So far I feel like my strength is increasing steadily as well as some weight gain over the last couple weeks.

Any recommendations? advice? results with a program like this?

I think it looks pretty good. I do something similar on heavy days. Not 5x5, but I usually alternate one main lift (triples or singles) with two assitance movements (usually for 5-8 reps).

My last leg workout was Olympic squats alternated with glute-hams on the lat pulldown, and I ended up doing 6x5 for both. I’m not that strong, but this type of program helped me go from doing 240 x3 in the squat to 240 x5 the other day, in about 6 weeks.

5x5 has always worked great for me. For rugby I would add some type of explosive move, power cleans, power snatch, high pulls with a clean or snatch grip, whatever you want. If you play in the tight five, especially in the front row your low back and neck can never be too strong. As a loose forward, you make alot of open field tackles and are hitting rucks at full speed. I was a flanker and my shoulders were always getting dinged. Also as a loose forward it helps to have lungs the size of hot air balloons so you can run for eighty minutes.

I play lock actually. But yeah, I’ve been thinking about incorporating power cleans or hang cleans into this program but I wasn’t sure how I could fit it without causing too much fatigure or overtraining.