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5x5 Straight Sets Warm-up?


I wonder if doing sth like 6-8 reps of 50% working weight and 4-5 reps of 75% working weight is a good thing before doing 5x5 (straight sets)


for example:



In my opinion, keep your repetitions in one set at five or less.

I would suggest something like:
40% working load x 5

So if you're squatting 225x5:

Obviously you don't have to do that much volume, but as long as you're getting I'd say at least three warm-up sets with weights incrementally spaced between the bar and your working weight, you'll be fine.



And also, read part two.

Warmups are by the individual. I do at least 7 sets of warm up (from 5-12 reps). Why? I'm older and need it.

I also did 2 cycles of 5x5 and learned that if I didn't warm up enough, my first and second set were usually not very good.


Are you a mathematician?
I would be at the gym all day estimating percentages.

225 working set = warm up sets with 45, 135, 185 (same reps as working sets)
If you were using 315 start at 45, 135, 225, 275
If you were using 405 start at 45, 135, 225, 315, 365

Heavier the working sets the more you need to warm up.(IMO)

I do agree with warming up being subjective to the individual.
If you need more sets then do more sets.


... Yes, actually, I am.



A general guideline I use for warming up is to do more sets with 2-4 reps, to get blood flowing to the muscles, groove the pattern, and once the weight feels more explosive I know my CNS is ready to go. Two schools of thought are to either not wear yourself out before your working sets or to build work capacity with submaximal loads before working sets, depending on your goals.


This is the fourth time in in four months that you've asked this exact question, or one very similar to it:

Just last month you weren't doing a 5x5 program:
And you had several different programs in the months before that.

Simply put, dude, you're wasting your time and you're wasting our time by overthinking yourself into a state of never-ending non-progress.

Like I told you in a previous thread, you need to stop looking for "the best" plan and focus on doing "good enough" for 12 months straight.