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5x5 Stalling Points

Hello everybody! I was just wondering when most of you beginners experienced your first Squat, Deadlift , Bench, and Pressing stall points while on any of the popular 5x5 programs out.

Example: StrongLifts 5x5,Starting Strength,RegParks 5x5,etc.

Want to see how everybody compares and possibly how different programs compare : )

My squat stopped at 275x8, my deadlift at 375x3, and my overhead press at 145x7.

I basically just did squat 5x5, deadlift 5x3, then assistance work. Couple days later did overhead press 5x5, then assistance work.

In pressing exercises my gains stalled around week 9…squats and deads have yet to stall, but there was nowhere to go but up