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5x5 Sample Routine


Just a note to say I’ve gone thru all past articles and cannot find a complete 5x5 routine listed anywhere. I would like to try it for a fat loss cycle, but I can’t find it broken down by workouts and bodyparts worked in each workout. Any sample routines would be greatly appreciated, or if it is on the website somewhere just let me know I’m a dumbass and tell me where its at.

Thanks in advance.

You can find it on the thread “Don Alessi’s Response to Meltdown on Low Carb Diets”

It is a post about half way down the thread entitled "Joel Marion to MB Eric"

Further down the thread you can find some exercise descriptions, etc.

Issue number 1 has what you are looking for. Training With Maximal Weights by Charles Poliquin is the name of the article.

Thanks guys.