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5X5 Routing, limitations on exercises

Because of the limited equipement I have access to I cant do some of the exercises suggested in the RR and D article. I was thinking about using a 3 day split (push, pull, legs). Monday = Bench, Standing Military Press. Wed = Wide Grip Chins, Barbell Curls, Shrugs. Friday = Squat, Sumo Deads, SL Deads and Calf Raises. Any comments or suggestions? Input would be greatly appreciated.

Drop the SLDL’s and I think you’ll be fine on Friday - your hams will already be blasted by squats and sumo deads.

I'd also switch Mon and Wed, because Wed and Fri have a bit of overlap - not much, but the shrugs could interfere with your deads. That way you have 2 days of spacing instead of 1 between the workouts and the one with less priority (shrugs) comes secondary to the dead workout.