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5x5 Reg Park style

Thoughts? If intelligent weights were picked to start out how do you think this would pan out?

why don’t you try and give a feedback after it?

I never trained with intelligent weight before they must be smart.

I meant since it’s a 5x5 you need to take some time to work up to your previous maxes so you don’t stall out. That’s what I meant by picking intelligent weights to start off with

I used this four years ago and made some very solid progress on all of my big three lifts…would definitely recommend to someone looking for a solid template for strength gains.

you carnt go far wrong with a program based on the main 3 with some added assistance work

Thanks Ebaum and Harris. Ebaum when you ran this would you say you were a beginner or more of an intermediate? Simply curious

lol @ ebaum

Haha yeah I realized that after I typed it

very similar to SS.

Its a proven program, give it a try

[quote]DazeDolo wrote:
very similar to SS.[/quote]