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5x5 Questions About Cardio & Calves

Hello All,

I’ve been lifting on and off for about 15 years. In the last year I’ve finally figured out how to lift properly to get cut. I dropped about 29 lbs and look pretty decent now. However, I don’t like my size now. So, I’m starting a 5x5 and blowing off staying lean because I’d rather gain more muscle. I’ll start this in about a week and a half.

So, I’ve got a couple of 5x5 questions.

  1. Do you do any cardio while doing a 5x5? I was thinking I might do a light 30 minute jog on my off days (currently I trail run about twice a week for 50min-hour and normal run twice a week for 60 min).

  2. What about calves? I’m one of those guys that has a hard time putting mass on my calves. I would assume it would be ok to do my calves as assistance exercises on leg days.

So, what’s the verdict gentlemen?

I don’t know, my calves suck and because of this, I’m giving them more frequency. Half an hour of calf work, before sprinting, 2-3 times a week.

If your like most people , your calves will probably need a little more volume then once/week at the end of the workout.

Theres a number of articles on this site with ways to build calves. Have a look:

Personally I like chads the best, but I haven’t tried it.