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5x5 Question


Hey All-

I'm 22, 170 lbs. My 1RM for the four lifts are as follows-
Bench- 190
Dead-285-300 (can't remember off the top of my head)
Military Press- 125

I'm eating about 2,300-2,500 calories per day, pretty clean, and downing two 20g whey isolate per day, and I'm doing 5x5. I hit the gym four days each week, and I'm going to start doing yoga once each weekend as well. I want to hit 180 lbs and keep my BF fairly low.

My question is as follows-

How much, if any, cardio should I be doing? What kind of cardio? How often?

I appreciate any and all suggestions.



I'm surprised you're not losing weight eating 2,500 calories at 170lbs, with 4 days of gym a week.

How long have you weighed 170lb eating like that?


add a thousand calories to that figure


@sexyxe- I graduated from college in May, and I was a rower there. I picked up a desk job and started eating a bit more, so I went from 158-170/175. It's been sitting there ever since. I put on some BF, probably like 4-6% more, but I've also gotten much stronger.

So I've actually GAINED weight while eating 2200-2500 over the past six to eight months.

@caveman101-any suggestions w/r/t foods? Just whatever I can get my hands on?


meat and potatoes

potatoes - cheap, tasty, make them jacket potatoes and you can eat them cold too

meat - if you need to, go for cheaper cuts like rump steak and chicken legs, get at least 200g of protein a day, preferably 300



Plus this...

Plus your current bodyfat should give you the answer to "how much cardio do I need."

You're gaining weight and strength, so you're already on the right track.

If you're relatively lean, you can get away with little to no additional cardio. If you're pushing into legit pudgy territory, some basic "easy" cardio/finishers immediately after lifting a few days a week should be enough damage control.


Walk you socks off


Wow, Im genuinely impressed. I'd have thought rowing would have given you a fairly high metabolism as that shit is not easy. Plus, generally speaking, 2200-2500 calories is what is recommended a sedentary female eats to maintain weight.