5x5 Question

I want to start a 5x5 routine and need some help putting one together. Generally, I train 3 days a week: 1) chest and tris 2) back and bis and 3) shoulders and legs. Now, should I do 5x5 on every exercise? Like, bench 5x5; weighted dips 5x5; tricep extensions 5x5, etc.?

Stick to doing 5x5 on 2-3 of your big exercises each day. The other exercises should be assistance exercises and can be done for 2-4 sets of 8-12 reps. So for chest, do incline bench press 5x5, close-grip benches 5x5, flyes 3x12, triceps extensions 3x8-10 or something like that. For back, do seated rows or barbell rows 5x5, weighted chins 5x5, barbell curls 5x5, hammer curls or preacher curls 3x10, etc.

For legs, do squats 5x5, stiff-legged deadlifts 5x5, standing overhead press 5x5, leg press or leg extensions 3x8, leg curls 3x8 or something similar. Your workouts should be done in about an hour or a few minutes after. I would put your leg day in between your two upper body days if following a Mon, Wed, Fri routine.

Thanks, Nate Dog