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5x5 Program Stalling After a Month

I started a simple 5x5 program about a month ago, alternating between the two workouts with a day of rest in between. I’ve been adding 5lbs per w/o to upper body lifts and 10lbs per w/o to lower body lifts. That comes out to 10lbs per week and 20lbs per week added to each lift (respectively).

I started with pretty easy weights and I’ve been drinking a gallon of milk a day but I feel like I’m on the verge of stalling out and I wanted to know what I could do to prevent it.

Here’s what I’m doing…

Leg Press
Incline Bench Press
Barbell Rows
Barbell Curls

Pull Downs
Dead Lifts
Overhead Press

I was thinking of either A)dropping to 3x5 to continue gaining strength, B)just reset each exercise 15lbs (30lbs for lower body) as it stalls or C)move to a 5x5 push/pull/legs split.

Any ideas??

Do the stall. It’s inevitable.

It’s you reaching your current maxes. Do the deload they recommend, and go from there. It’s how you get stronger.

You have to go until you fail, don’t worry about it if it hasn’t happened. Once it does, push the same weight the next exercise and see if you get it. If that doesn’t work, deload. Or you could add smaller increments, like the dreaded 2.5lbs plates.

One question, though, why aren’t you squatting? Or doing chins/pullups? Leg press and pulldowns aren’t the best way to get results. Good for added volume, but this program is very low volume, high recovery. Hit 'em up, you’ll be glad you did.