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5x5 Program for Grappling

Hello, I am a grappler who is 19, 6’1" and about 190 or so. I’d like to add some size and explosiveness. Twelve to fifteen pounds over time wouldn’t be amiss. My weight class is 185. I wrestle twice a week, monday and thursday and do BJJ once a week on wednesday. I have access so far to the gym at my martial arts place. In future, I will try to get a gym membership. Basically I have two days a week I can lift. I was thinking a basic push/pull 5x5 routine.

Monday (Pull)
A1- Deadlifts (SLDL or romanian)
A2- Cleans
B1- Bent-over rows or chins
B2- Bicep work
Abs & Neck

Thursday (Push)
A1- Squat (hacks, front, back etc)
A2- Dips or pushups or bench (weighted)
B1- Push Press/Millitary press etc
B2- Triceps work
Abs & Neck

Anything to note here ? I’d like to keep the workout short and I’d cycle in different excersices; I’d like to focus on compounds for the most bang for my buck however, am I doing too many in this case or not enough ?

How long do you practice BJJ and wrestling (in terms of hours)?

I also lift weights and practice BJJ. I prefer a full-body split 3 days a week and have seen gains in both aspects of training. Make sure you rest, relax and stretch. You will have adapt to what your body can handle. Let your coach know what you are doing; he/she can help. Oh, I forgot the obvious. EAT :wink:

1.5 to 2 hours a session for wrestling and BJJ. I know to eat lots of food. That’s all people around here seem to talk about, is food, lol.

My question is: Am I doing 5x5 for the A excercizes or all of them ? I seem to remember hearing that the B sets were like 3-4 sets of like 10-15 reps.

Follow Berardi’s Scrawny to Brawny book. (You definitely don’t sound scrawny but it’s a good book for anyone trying to bulk up.)

Lol I am by no means huge. I am possesed of 23.75 inch legs, 43 inch chest, 17 inch neck etc. But I have abs…hahahahahahah.

Naw, abs don’t make you compete better, I know. I might have to check out some of Berardi’s stuff.

Apparently my resting metabolic rate is 2200. As I said, I train pretty intensely 3x per week on top of the lifting. My job is stock work…moving appliences and furtinure…lots of moving. I apparently need like 3800-4000 calories a day, maybe more, to grow.