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5x5 Newbie...

I want to give 5x5 a try, so I’m going over Joel Marion’s Ripped, Rugged, and Dense article. - I’m picking through his sample program and replacing any lifts that I don’t have the equipment to perform with do-able equivalents.

All that being said, I’ve got a few questions that hopefully someone can help me with:

  1. What the hell is the “Seated Half Press in a Power Rack”??? - I’ve probably seen and/or done those before, but the name doesn’t seem even remotely familiar…

  2. My gym/bedroom has a rather low ceiling, disallowing me to fully extend my arms overhead in a standing position (with weights in-hand), so what would be an appropriate replacement for the “Dumbell Clean and Press”?

  3. For alternating one-arm d-bell shrugs, would ‘correct’ form to be to have the hands pronated (palms facing backward) or to have the palms facing inward?

  4. In general, what are some custom-designed 5x5 variations people are using? - Any personal favorites out there?

  1. Seated Half-Press in Rack: You sit down on a bench in the rack, where the bar is resting on the supports in a position that would normally be halfway through your range of motion. You then work the top half of the movement only.

  2. Just do the Clean, if you can’t press it.

  3. I’d use a semi-pronated grip.

  4. 5x5, applied to any ‘big movement’, kicks ass. I particularly like it for weighted Dips & Chins.