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5x5 newbie questions

Hey all…

i’m going to start up Joel Marion’s 5x5 this week and have a couple of basic questions.

  1. what is a cambered bar? is that like an EZ bar? (Cambered Bar Incline Press)

  2. what exactly is a Seated Half Press in a Power Rack? sounds like a military press? could i replace this with a different chest move?

  3. concerning the A1 and A2 moves…does this mean to do 1 set of 5reps of A1 then move to A2 and back again? sort of like supersets?

thanks for your help!

A cambered bar is a long bar with a 4 inch dent or “camber” in the middle which makes it possible to increase your range of motion by alowing you to lower the bar past what is normally “chest level.”

A seated half press in a power rack is actually a triceps movement. It starts higher than a standard overhead shoulder press and emphasizes the part of that movement where the triceps take over.

As for the A1/A2 designations. You move back and forth, but do no superset. Casually alternate between movements and rest for a bit. I tend to keep rest periods short, though.

Hope this helps!

Unless you are prepping for a contest, I’d rather see you go with the approach that I outlined in the thread “5x5 routine” started by DA MAN.


P.S. While I did not recommend the seated 1/2 press in the above thread, if you ever want to do it, check out Poliquins Tricep article in issue 61 for a description.

thanks for the help! :slight_smile: