5x5, Hot-Rox, Fast Fat

Well its been about three weeks since ive started with the Fast Fat diet, 5x5 workout and Hotrox.

I was never really that heavy, im 5’6’’ and weighed about 187lbs roughly. Well today I just got home from the gym and I weigh 174lbs, my goal is about 170 so im not far off!!! Im so pumped!

I weighed about 167+/- in college so im getting there. Early last spring at one point i weighed a portly 199lbs.

I did purchase the big bottle of Mag-10 but im unsure when or how im going to use them with my workout and hoping to get some advice.

Im not ready to use them yet as im going to continue to drop weight for at least another three weeks and stay on the 5x5 , hotrox and fast fat diet.

I feel great but need to know what i should be doing when the time comes for Mag10.

I want to remain athletic and im not a bodybuilder nor to i want to be one. I want to gain some lean athletic muscle that will be help me in the sports i play. Basketball, vollyball, softball.

What do you think guys ?

If you don’t have much experience gaining quality mass, I’d say be conservative…make a 6-8 week cycle out of the bottle, and you’ll be able to troubleshoot your program along the way.

Furthermore, and I’m sure there are some who disagree, I believe that mass gained quickly is lost quickly and vice versa. Taking 6-8 weeks to put on 10-15 lbs of muscle will, in my view, ensure that you keep a higher percentage of that muscle than if you put on, say 8-10 lbs in 3 weeks or so (you could expect this much from your first foray into androgen use…)

If you go with the longer cycle, it would probably be wise to use something for recovery at the end of the cycle, 6-OXO or M, if you can’t get real anti e drugs…

However you choose to go about it, the most important thing by far is that you set aside a block of time (however many weeks,) in which you will devote yourself primarily to training hard and eating a lot.

Good Luck

Hey, there, Steelejones. Just a couple of things I want to throw out for your consideration.

One, have a plan for integrating carbs back into your diet. Do it slowly, and choose from high-fiber, green veggie sources. You are carb/glycogen depleted. You could easily gain 10 pounds in 2 days, just refilling muscle & liver glycogen stores.

My recommendation is that you take a look at T-Dawg 2.0.

When you achieve your weight loss (or bulking) goal, you should generally plan on taking in maintenance calories for a few weeks. And you’ll have to play around a bit to find out what your NEW maintenance calories are. For a number of reasons, a person’s metabolism tends to drop while dieting, thus a lower daily caloric requirement.

Save Mag-10 for a bulking cycle. Go ahead and freeze it, as has been recommended. If not now, you’ll probably want to put some muscle on in the future.

The trick with doing a Mag-10 cycle is to adjust the amount of carbs you take in based on your goals. If your goals were to put on a LITTLE muscle while dropping some fat at the same time, I’d adjust the carb number downwards from the 3g x TBW that’s typically recommended to maybe 2g x TBW. Protein, of course should be 2g x TBW.

Hope that helps. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks Tampa,

Im trying to take this all in and learn from it. Im so new at all of this that im having difficulty in where and how to start and how to figure out what i need for protiens and carbs for my weight and goals, im sort of over my head with it all.

At this point im so pumped at where i have progressed I cant believe it really.

I wont be using the MAg10 for awhile for sure and when i do , i really only want to gain about 10-12lbs of Lean muscle. I dont want to get huge, i want to remain athletic as i play tons o fhoops and this is what its all about. Keeping up with the 20+ guys in my area.

This fast fat diet has been so hard but ive remained on course and doing well.

Thanks for all your help and advice guys you dont know how much it means to me. Im trying to find a roadmap, as im dedicated when i can find one. I just dont know how to draw one out for myself yet.

thanks again

>>When you were talking about the T-Dawg Diet, were you thinking that I should switch over to that now instead of the fast fat diet?

I’ve got this old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (grin) There’s nothing wrong with your sticking with FF until you hit your goals. If you start breaking down or can’t stand it any longer, make the switch. In fact, since you know there’s going to be a weight regain/rebound, you might want to drop 5 pounds below your goal number as a buffer.

>>I’m not sure at all how to figure out what my needs should be per day for food or anything. I’m very strict tho when I set myself up, but need a road map before im able to do that. I mean I’ve been strict on this killer fast fat diet now for three weeks. We are talking pure low carb grow for each meal etc for three weeks…

Steeljones, start by reading the article, Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION.

T-Dawg recommends 6 meals a day. It recommends 1.5g of protein x LBM (Leam Body Mass). LBM is Total Body Weight (TBW) minus Fat Mass (FM). You’d have to have your BF tested. Fat intake on T-Dawg should be .4g x LBM. The fat should be divided up equally between however many P+F meals you would have.

Re carbs, start by getting 20g per day for a few days, go up to 30g from there, 40g of carbs after that until you hit the 70g of carbs T-Dawg recommends on days you don’t work out. You’ll be taking in 100g of carbs on days you do work out (i.e., lift weights), which allows you to use Surge.

If you have any questions after reading the artcile, feel free to post them here.

>>Yeah, I know I need to hold off on the Mag10 for a bit and will freeze it till I’m ready. But when I’m ready to gain some lbs I’m only really wanting to gain about 10-12lbs of lean body mass max.

Mag-10 will do that in a couple of two-week cycles (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) if you construct your diet properly. Read the Mag-10 Plan for Success by using the search engine to the left of your screen.

Tampa, thanks a million…

Im reading it now!!

Ill post any further questions…thanks for all your help