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5x5 help

The gyms at school don’t allow clean and press (they allow cleans, just not the press). Any ideas of a good alternative. Also, can anyone give me a link to how to do the dumbell clean and press. I want to make sure I know how to do it for the future.

Start with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and the dumbbells hanging between your legs. Swing the 'bells back between your legs and then clean them to your clavicles while keeping the 'bells as close to your body as possible. Brace the “clean” movement by dropping into a quarter squat as the 'bells approach your clavicles. Powerfully snap your quads into a lockout position while simultaneously pressing the 'bells above your head. Reverse the movement, concentrating on resisting the weight with your triceps, and then once the 'bells hit your clavicles, let them free-fall between your legs. Repeat for the desired number of reps (5 in this case).

Let me get this straight, your gym does not allow overhead presses? Find a new gym.

Do your cleans, then sit down and do your overhead presses. So do 5 cleans and then when the cleans are complete, sit down on a bench and do your 5 presses. As for a link to the dumbell clean and press, Mike Mahler wrote an article on the kettlebell clean and press. Check out his site mikemahler.com for a link to the article.

They don’t allow you to do the press part of the clean and press. Do you go to school in a totalitarian or military state? I can’t believe any school would say that! I for one am shocked!

Joel-I wish that I could go to a real gym, but transportation and money provide a big problem. Overhead presses are allowed, but only when seated (I don’t know either). I’ll give it a shot and if I’m shot down, then oh well. Thanks for the description. Really digging the workout, I just started but I am very excited.
Jason-good advice on the split.

Do they allow jumping jacks?

Jumping jacks? I don’t know, from the looks of it they only allow bench and biceps. Is this totally uncommon, I remember somewhere on here I read that someone’s gym didn’t allow deadlift. But like I said, I think someone hurt themselves recently, and the school is afraid of a lawsuit. Keep laughing though, it is pretty pathetic, but it will have to do for a while.