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5x5 FSL vs BBB FSL For Size

I’m curious is there a big difference between them, I know one is 5x5 and one is 5x10 but I’m talking more of for Size and Strength.

BBB is more effective for size than 5x5.

Do you think I can use the assistance work to drive size and use the 5x5 FSL to get extra work on the main lifts? Or is this what Jim calls burning the candle at both ends?

Why do you need extra work?

To get a good at the main lifts so do 5s PRO, 5x5 FSL and push the assistance work to drive size.

Don’t do 5/3/1 if you aren’t good at the main lifts yet.

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I was more meaning getting extra volume in with the main lifts.

I guess my question is, is it better to use 5x10 FSL to drive size or pushing the Assistance work to drive size?

Ok, but again why? Why do you need EXTRA volume?

Size and strength is gained with the main and supplemental work. The assistance work is just that: assistance.

I don’t know if you’re misunderstanding me or just trying to be confrontational.

I’m not talking about doing FSL BBB AND FSL 5x5 in the same cycle. I’ve done BBB and it’s good but it’s exactly as described Boring so can you get the same results doing FSL 5x5 and pushing the assistance work.

I am asking you questions. This is a sign of misundetstanding. I do not understand why you need extra volume.

And again: the size is from the supplemental and main work: not the assiatance.

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Your on the right track, but Jim means look at your training as a whole. Strength work, conditioning, any physical hobbies or sports. The section is Forever on FSL covers this. You can do up to 100+ reps of assistance in each category, you just have to cut out all hard conditioning. When you focus on conditioning, move your assistance back to 25-50 reps. When striking a balance target 50-100.

You absolutely can do what you described, as long as your making sure your doing enough outside the gym to recover, and accounting for it in all your training.

You won’t get exactly the same results. BBB is going to be more effective at adding a larger amount of muscle mass but less targeting at your weak points. FSL with assistance wouldn’t necessarily add as much muscle but it would allow your more room to work on building up weak points with more assistance volume while moving barbell weights with speed.

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Why would 5 sets of 5(FSL) be any less boring than 5 sets of 10(BBB)?

I think you miss the purpose of assistance work. It’s there to provide balance to the program or to hit weak points.

Thanks for the response man you answered my question perfectly! Sometimes I feel people on here just try to talk down to people to make themselves feel better

This is quite passive aggressive. If you mean me, let’s discuss.

I feel this may not be a long discussion. Shall we skip straight to the front squat off?


It’s really just personal preference. I want to do a bunch of assistance work but get to OCD with it so I just stick to programs that push supplemental work for the most part. As long as you get the point that you don’t push both you’re good to go.

I honestly don’t have the energy to be bored when I’m doing my BBB sets.


What % do you use for your BBB reps?

Right now 60%

Is that because the week you’re on?