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5x5 FSL and BBB - Eating to Win

Hey guys,

I’m currently running 5x5 FSL and will soon be switching to BBB for two cycles to prepare for taking another run at Krypteia; additionally, I’m doing 2 days/week of conditioning in the form of stair climbs with an 80lb weighted vest and 3-5 days of easy conditioning. For around two years, I’d been tracking macros and calories via MyFitnessPal and while it can be a great tool, I recently decided that it’s not worth the time and effort it requires - I am not trying to win any bodybuilding competitions, and I probably don’t need to track every nutrient down to the gram as long as I’m getting the nutrients I need.

That being said, I am naturally kind of a scant eater so I was wondering if anybody had any advice as to how to ensure I’m eating the proper amount - perhaps a toned-down version of Jim’s BBB 3-Month Challenge meal plan? I’m around 180 lbs and a low-end intermediate lifter at best with an unfortunately slow metabolism running in my family, so I don’t think it would necessarily be in my best interest to be shoveling in the full ~4000 calories that meal plan prescribes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you’re running BBB, you should get your mind right, and go all in. I went in without changing my diet and the reps taught me a very hard lesson.

For simplicity, if my job is in the slow season, I cook up a shitload of ground turkey (10+ lbs), a bunch of rice (at least 2 cups)

Then I get spinach, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, and whatever other colored fruits/vegetables I can stomach.

I cook the turkey up Mexican style, (cumin, cilantro, chili Powder, etc) + rice and make burritos everytime I’m remotely hungry.

I mix all the greens and add olive oil vinaigrette, and just eat the bastard salad twice a day.

If I’m tired and not recovering properly, I eat more burritos. If I’m gaining weight quicker than I want, i remove 1 burrito a day until i balance out.

Just an idea, that works for my lazy ass.


To put on muscle and not get fat or even get a bit leaner, just add protein and increase work.

I a hot mug of good bone broth during the day is nice during the winter and adds a few grams of protein and other good stuff. I also added a 40g (or so) protein shake with a little metamusil before bed, which is awesome if you like a good shit first thing in the AM. That and the right focus in the weight room put on a few lbs in a pretty short period of time.

Very little risk of getting fatter from this. I need to up my conditioning a bit, so might need to add another egg or two to my daily breakfast or a shake with lunch.

Just add some protein. See how it goes. Add more if needed.


Honestly, I don’t really agree with this. Excess protein that the body doesn’t use will be excreted, but when you say “build muscle”, there’s a ceiling in terms of protein consumption, and the fats/carbs will aid recovery and help build muscles. Just adding more protein isn’t always going to lead to more muscles.

This is assuming protein is at least at 1g/lb.

OP, how tall are you?



If you are eating the right amount of protein and add protein, that’s excess by definition.

Changing program in the gym will likely not affect protein needs. So why would one eat more protein when doing a harder program, as opposed to eating more carbs (whose requirements will vary according to training difficulty)?

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I’m 5’10" and about 180 pounds.

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Right. Because every one knows how much protein they need and are sure they’re getting it.

I mean… yeah? Getting 1g per 1lb of lean body mass is considered sufficient for muscle building/maintenance and most people round it up to 1g per 1lb of total weight.

So if you’re getting 1g per 1lb weight then you’re 100% getting more than enough protein.

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Burritos are my favorite food and I could eat them every meal of everyday.

I wonder if anyone has tried the “burrito diet”:

Breakfast: Burrito with eggs, rice, beans guac, chorizo (or bacon)
Lunch: Burrito with chicken, rice beans, gauc and cheese
Dinner: Wet burrito with carne asada, rice, beans, guac, and smothers in verde sauce and cheese

Snack: fish tacos as needed. With pico de gallo, cabbage, and sour cream. On corn tortillas.

In many ways, this is like the Keto diet. Except you won’t go into ketosis and you won’t hate your life.


They’re just the perfect food… assembly I guess. I’ve always loved Mexican (and Italian), but burritos especially for ease.

Too many carbs? Change tortilla.
Too few carbs? Add rice.
Too much fat? Use ground turkey/reduce or remove cheese
Need more nutrients? Just throw a bunch of green shit in there.
Taste like shit but meets your macros? Dump some hot sauce in it.

Literally unlimited options.

Also, I’d be all down for an all burrito diet!


I think you’ve just given me my next meal prep session.

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What about my dessert burrito?

2 corn tortillas
scoop of peanut butter
chocolate chips

Spread peanut butter on tortillas, sprinkle chocolate chips. Press together like a giant Oreo. place on griddle over campfire.

Tastebud boner: activate.

Are you essentially attempting Intuitive eating?