5x5 for Beginners

For a teen starting out who already plays soccer, would a basic double progression on the main lifts be sufficient. I feel that boredom would ensue without variety.

For a teen with an athletic base, it wouldn’t be terrible to do some sort of abbreviated training (Starting Strength, Pavel’s 3-5,something like that) for 2-3 months to get the basics down before moving onto a program with a logical/sustainable progression model and some assistance work. Jim Wendler laid out something great on his blog called “2016 – Help a Friend Get Stronger” which laid out a 12 month plan that would be great to follow in this situation.

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My advice in this thread still applies. So does this. And, really, this.

You’re asking two very different questions there: would it work (yes, I will ask your goal later), and will it entertain me?

Which question do you want answering?