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5x5 For 46 Year Old?


I haven't lifted weights for like two years. I have been doing various body weight exercises.

I'm 46 years old and I want to try the 5X5 program.

My question is at 46 could the 5X5 be bad?

I appreciate any assistance.



I started back lifting two years ago..and I'm 42. The question leaves a lot of variables..weight, intensity, frequency of workouts etc.. but ..the program shocked the hell out of my system and I had great results. ANY program can be bed if you push the envelope too far too fast too soon. Good luck!!


Is that the 5x5 straight sets or 5x5 ramping sets?

Either is excellent for us old farts. Just eat for it and make sure to recover.


I'm 55, and have been doing variations of 5x5 for most of this year. I'm quite pleased with my results. I've been hitting lifetime PRs, and have been having less problems with injuries than I had previously with the higher volume programs I used before.

Just make sure to program in a deload week every few weeks.


So I did a 5X5 on Monday and Wednesday. That was awesome.

I joined a gym and will be doing it three days a week.



Here are some links you might find useful.


Well, I was going to give links to Stronglifts 5x5 and the Texas method, but they aren't working now for some reason.


One more question on this topic.

As far as the diet. I believe I should be having some protein following workouts. Do you believe a bag of almonds would suffice? I was reading that they have a lot of protein. Or, should I invest in some protein powder?

Thanks in advance.


Meat milk and yes protein powder - you just get tired of chewing after a while. Almonds have some protein, but I use nuts as between meal snacks to increase calorie intake. I don't do the nutrient timing thing because I think it's anal and unnecessary - I just make sure I pound enough kcals with enough protein while I'm awake. I'm usually craving some protein-containing substance after training, although it doesn't hit for like an hour to two hours later.


I have the same trouble. Immediately after a workout, the thought of solid food makes me retch. But I can manage a couple of tall glasses of whole milk, or some protein powder. I follow that up about an hour later with some solid protein.

I'd recommend the Grow! whey that T-Nation sells; it's the best-tasting protein powder I've ever had (I use the plain/original flavor, which is vannila-ish.)


I'm 55, too. I started with Rippetoe's Starting Strength 5 x 5 program several years ago, and it kicked my ass, but didn't kill me. It's a great program for beginner lifters, or those coming back from a long layoff.


Thanks for the replies.

The only problem that I see with the 5X5 is I'm exhausted by the time I get to biceps. Somehow I do manage to complete my 5x5 of concentration curls. HUMOR

Anyway, the gym really has some fancy machines and I have been using them. But I think I am going to use free weights because of the additional muscles that are worked. I have come to this conclusion because I was going to use dumbbells for shoulder presses and I had a hard time to get the bells from my thighs to over my head (no problem with the actual presses).



Hey man for me the 5 x 5 is a bit much. I have found that a warm up of
5 real light reps followed about 5 singles to near limit then back of for 5 x3 at 80% of the max for that particular move rather than 5 sets of 5 is plenty for my 53 yr old butt. This leaves me with just a little gas left in the tank which I am told by a Dinosaur trainer is plenty for people training over 40 yrs old