5x5 Exercise Selection

I started a beginner 5x5 routine that I found online and that looks solid

A: 5x5 bench, barbell rows, squats
and then a couple of 10-12 biceps and calves

B: 5x5 ohp, chins, trap bar deadlift
and then a couple of 10-12 pushdowns and face pulls

I wonder whether a seated barbell Press (with back support) Is fine too instead of standing Press

Looks like six days in a row where you are pressing heavy. (If the cycle is within a 7 day week)

I am strongly against that. Push one day, Pull the next day.

Also: Squat and deadlift the same day.

But all in all it looks like too much work. Try a 4 day per week program.

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I do think this is over 2 weeks (ABA BAB space implies, in my mind, weekend off). If this is the case, then it’s not a terrible framework…

Proper loading, progression etc. adds another dimension to the joys of programming.


And i squat and deadlift on separate days: i squat in the A workout and Deadlift on B workout)

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No i train 3 times per week
M, W, F alternating A and B

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Now that clears things up for me. That seems like a very reasonable strategy.

Where is your 5 rep strength in those major lifts?

That should be good. One good aspect is that you won’t be bending too far back when the weight gets heavy.

As for most beginner the answer Is: I don’t know

The weight training “Beginner” includes a fairly large spectrum of training experience, IMO. You could have never lifted a weight, and if you are good at lifting, up to a year. There are some who flounder aimlessly around for their entire life and I would consider a beginner.

You have a solid plan. Without proper feedback you could flounder around with a poorly executed solid plan, making you stuck at beginner level. Let’s assume you execute properly.

How many months have you been lifting?
If you know how to bench press, how much weight can you bench press 5 reps?

For me to assist much I need a lot more information, but let’s start with your bench press capability today.

I will need your age and weight. I am assuming you are male.

I don’t know my 5 RMS, but as for 5x5 (3.5 minutes rest)

But last time i did
5x5 bench Press with 65 kg (fairly Easy)
5x5 rows with 60 kg (fairly Easy)
5x5 squats with 75 kg (still trying to get into the groove)

5x5 ohp with 40 kg (could have done more, but It wasnt as Easy as the exercises above)
5x5 chinups (felt quite hard)
5x5 TBDL with 90 kg (fairly Easy)

I lifted a lot in the past, now It’s been 2 years completely off, so I know proper execution but I’m very weak and I’m starting to get back onto the groove of exercises @RT_Nomad