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5x5 & Creatine

I currently do a type of 5x5 split
(max reps for a set is 6 actually)

I have some creatine I would like to
use, but I wonder if that would have
any effect, since I am on such a program.

If it isnt effective for this,
perhaps it is effective for CT’s running man program?=

Use it. Creatine is (cost) effective. You can find quality creatine in the simple powder form for ~ 500grams/$25. This should last you 2-3 months depending on how you use it. I’m not saying it’s the best supplement out there. I’d prefer to use Mag10, 4ad-ec, or Methoxy7 if I had to pick one. But with the cost of creatine there’s no reason to pick just one.

Since the major energy system at work is the adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP)/creatine phosphate (CP) energy system, this would be an optimal time to use it. You can pick up 500 grams for around $8 by doing a search on yahoo shopping for Value Nutrition + Creatine.


Holy s*#@ Joel! I thought I had found a good deal!