5x5 Burn Out

Basically my problem is I seem to get stuck on the same weight and end up overtraining.

couple of years ago I Did a typical bodybuilding split, after a few months I was doing 80kg squat for reps. stalled and could make no further progress.

switched to total body programme (Chad Waterbury’s TBT), managed to get up to a 90kg squat for reps. stalled and made no further progress.

Did Crossfit for a while. rarely squated heavy.

So a few months ago I realise I am weak as shit and decide to embark on some 5x5. (bill Starr’s 5x5 intermediate)

Started the programme with 60kg squats and after 8 weeks my 5RM was 90kg. But I got stuck again. Cant get past 90 without my form going to shit.

My ass starts ascending before my shoulders so I half squat/half good morning the weight up.

Also I think I was overtraining because my deadlift numbers started getting worse and I was always tired. I think I was not sufficiently ramping my sets enough, so was doing close to 5x5 straight sets and burning out before my top set.

So, I have taken a couple of weeks off from Starr’s 5x5 to rest and have a rethink. I am keen to reset and start again. I read on T-Nation this morning that Reg Park advocated 2x5 warm up sets, and 3x5 working sets with 5x5 programmes. I might combine Packs sets, with Starr’s periodisation. Also I will do a Week A/B split, Week B having more assistance exercises and no deadlift.

So here is my tweaked 5x5 programme.

Week A;

Day 1
back squat, 2x5, 3x5
bench press,2x5, 3x5
dynamic row 2x5 3x5
hanging pikes 3x10
curls 3x10 (yeah sorry, I know)

Day 2
Front squats 2x5, 3x5
push press 2x5,3x5
Deadlift 2x5 (warm up), 2x2, 1x1 (Im going to reset my deadlift a few weeks and work back up to my max and hopefully setting a new PR)
barbell abb role outs 3x8
narrow grip press ups 3x12

Day 3
Back squat 3x5, 1x3 (set new PR), 1x8 (back off set)
bench press, 3x5, 1x3 (set new PR) 1x8 (back off set)
dynamic row 3x5,1x3 (set new PR), 1x8 (back off set)
Dips 3x10
Chins 3x10

Week B

Day 1
back squat 2x5, 3x5 (top set matching previous weeks top 1x3 set)
dynamic row 2x5, 3x5 (top set matching previous weeks top 1x3 set)
hanging pikes 2x5, 3x5 (top set matching previous weeks top 1x3 set)
hanging pikes
cable pull throughs (no curls this week)

day 2
hang clean/front squat/push press combination 5x5
DB single leg deadlift 3x8
Farmers walks
abb role outs

Day 3
Back squat 3x5, 1x5 (new PR), 1x8 (back off set)
bench press, 3x5, 1x5,1x8
dynamic row 3x5,1x5, 1x8
Dips 3xF
Chins 3xF

my diet is okay. I cook most of my own meals with plenty of lean meat and veggies but tend to use pre-packaged cooking sauces. I drinks lots of milk and eat 4-5 meals a day. I drink occasionally.

I only normally manage to get 7 hours a sleep each night.

My stats;
BW 80kg
Squat 5RM 90kg
Bench Press 5RM 85kg
Clean 5RM 80KG
Dynamic Row 5RM 85KG
Deadlift 1RM 150kg

I know the golden rule is dont fuck around with 5x5, but I think these adjustments are reasonable

Basically looking for some constructive criticism, feedback and advice