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5x5 / Bodyweight GPP ?

I’ve been playing around with the idea of putting together a program consisting of bodyweight exercises (squats,pushups,crunches,bridge) on M-W-F and then doing T-F as weight room days consisting of functional exercises like hang-cleans, bench-press,deep squats, deads, stuff like that. Would the BW stuff get in the way of strength gains? Just an idea, any input is of course much appreciated.

I dont see a major problem with doing GPP on your off days. I would, however, not recommend you do it after your weight training session (a popular time to do cardio oriented work), as your body would be confused as to exactly what the training stimulus is. Poliquin talks about this (mixing rep ranges in a single workout) in his Modern Trends book. Obviously, this isn’t the case here, but just thought I’d throw that out for additional info.